Horror Hunting! Edition #25

      Welcome to another chilly, snow-covered edition of Horror Hunting!.  As this winter continues to punish the Northeast for some unknown, undeserved reason, I think it’s appropriate to warm our thoughts with the splendor and magnificence of our favorite horror holiday of the year, Halloween!  We’ll also take a look back at a simpler time, when terror came from above as well as from within.  Remember when we were scared/hoping for a violent alien invasion of Earth?  Hopefully the much-rumored Independence Day sequel can install a little more of that soon, but in the meantime check out the collectable goodies lined up for you…..

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Cult Classic Hall of Fame Series 3 Michael Myers 7″ Action Figure (Amazon)

This awesome piece put out by NECA in 2009 (part of the Cult Classics Hall of Fame line) should be viewed as a “variant” or “chase” figure, just judging by the secondary market price tag alone.  In reality, it was more a short run by NECA, which makes this cool figure highly collectable.  And let’s face it…..stealing the ghost sheet and glasses and pretending to be Bob (and then murdering the unfortunate and hot PJ Soles) is one of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history.  This figure comes complete with removable sheet, glasses and light-up pumpkin, which boldly sets it apart from the millions of Michael Myers action figure recreations from various toy companies in the last ten years or so.  This is pricey (expect to pay upwards of $200), but is definitely a killer addition to any horror toy collection.


Diener Industries Vintage Space Creatures Pencil Eraser    (Blujay.com)

For years, I’ve been trying to recollect a certain set of “monsters” rubber figures I had from the early ’80s.  I distinctly remember getting them at a movie theater, one for each visit.  After searching and searching, the identity of these little toy villains was found….as pencil erasers!  My memory must not be what it used to be (or perhaps the blinding shine of nostalgia has tinted the past a bit too much), but I coudl’ve sworn these were little action figures.  Either way, these things are awesome and collectible and worth every penny if you remember them too.  Featuring an alien with big ears, an alien with a big head, and, my favorite, a half human/half winged-bat that looks ready to pounce, horror and sci-fi collectors alike should appreciate these.  Turns out that the now-defunct Diener Industries knew what they were doing, making the simple act of erasing a pencil mark scary and fun for kids from the ’50s through the ’80s.



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