Horror Hunting! Edition #23

Welcome to another chilling installment of Horror Hunting!  As the northeast digs out from either a monster blizzard or monumental bust of a storm (depending on where you live, New York or New England), the temperatures continue to plummet and freeze our collective eyeballs in place.  For those of you in more moderate climates during the winter months…..shut up.  This is the perfect opportunity to stay inside and catch up on the latest horror flicks you may have missed (I’d recommend The Babadook and The Taking of Deborah Logan) or troll around the internet looking for cool horror merch to purchase.  Whether you’re a vintage collector, or someone that just appreciates the latest horror toys, this week’s column is right up your alley.  Check out what we’ve got……

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Pet Sematary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP – Mondo Tees

So you may have heard that a pet owner buried his blatanly-deceased cat in Florida this week, only to have said cat show up on his doorstep, mangled and nearly unrecognizable, five days later.  While you may feel this is an isolated incident, let’s not forget this is the same state that had a guy eat another guy’s face and take five bullets without being fazed.  Bath salts or not, it’s time to face facts:  Florida is apparently ground zero for the inevitable horror apocalypse.  But back on track here…..Stephen King’s wonderfully entertaining novel Pet Sematary was made into an equally enjoyable film (rare for a King big-screen adaptation), featuring pets and people re-animating.  You know what’s also killer?  Pet Sematary‘s soundtrack, complete with The Ramones’ iconic title song.  Now Mondo Tees is offering a double LP, marking the 25th anniversary of the movie, and featuring over a dozen bonus tracks.  This is an item both lovers of horror and lovers of vinyl can enjoy.  For $35, it’s worth the investment.  After all, sometimes dead is bett-ah……


Vintage Nadel & Sons Monster Balloon Inflatable from 1974 – Etsy.com

For those that appreciate a more vintage collectable, and maybe something nostalgic from your childhood, check out this cool posting currently on Etsy’s website.  In the ’70s, you can find a lot of “simplistic” horror toys and costumes, but that’s what makes it great.  No bells and whistles here, with this balloon featuring a monster (though if that’s not the devil, I don’t know what is) that you could proudly fly around your bell-bottom wearing neighborhood with ghoulish ease.  This is an awesome bit of horror history, ready to be scooped up and displayed or flown around town.  I would recommend hanging it on a wall, however….inflating it may decrease the collect-ability a bit.  Just a hunch.




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