Horror Hunting! Edition #15

    Welcome to the latest edition of Horror Hunting!  The past month or so has been pretty exciting for horror fanatics, as several big and awesome conventions have given us a reason to look forward to the weekends (New York Comic Con and MA’s Rock & Shock, among others), and the requisite October haunted houses, costume parties and new horror films have hit the market.  And this Halloween season the biggest film has to be John R. Leonetti’s The Conjuring-inspired demonic flick Annabelle.  I said the “biggest”, not the “best” (check out the review by HNN’s own Lynn Sorel from October 6th, confirming this analysis).  But one undeniable by-product of Annabelle’s success is the returning popularity of the “evil doll” market.  Of course, throughout the long lineage of the horror genre within the pop culture realm two particular dolls have long formed my immense (and irrational) fear of the talking, stalking, killing plastic and stuffed novelty toy.  And you’re in luck, as I’ve managed to track down a pair of cool horror collectables that pay proper respect to these pint-sized killers.  Enjoy……

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

The Twilight Zone Talking Tina Doll Replica (HSN)   

When I was a kid, there were few things that I looked forward to every July 4th and New Years Day than the day-long marathon of Twilight Zone classic episodes on WPIX Channel 11 (out of NYC).  Yes, I realize that SyFy has now bought these episodes and hijacked the marathon on a national level, but to me WPIX will always be the driving force behind this genius idea (as they also were with The Christmas Log, which is also now copied by dozens of other outlets).  To me, The Twilight Zone always had a horror feel to it even though most episodes were simply sci-fi brilliance (and general lunacy).  In this vein, the iconic “Talking Tina” episode stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.  Starring a slightly-less-bald Telly Savalas, this episode was the first to bring the “killer/possessed doll” storyline to the general public in such an entertaining and terrifying way (though “The Dummy” was certainly on the same level).  Watching Tina evolve and descend into the stuff of nightmares is simply awesome, and always made me think of one thing…..where can I get a doll like that?!?!  Luckily, there are several variations of the Talking Tina doll that have hit the retail market (including a killer SDCC 2010 exclusive action figure put out by Bif Bang Pow!), but many have the secondary price tags that thin the herd.  While still pricy, HSN is selling the 18″ replica for the reasonable cost of $149.95.  Remember Tina’s last words after taking care of Telly…..”I’m Talking Tina, and you better be nice to me.”  It’s best to do what the doll says, and take advantage of this deal while you can.


CHILDS PLAY: Life-Sized Chucky Doll Battery Good Guys Custom Prop Replica  (Ebay)   

And then there’s the head honcho….Chucky, the lovable “Good Guys” doll that contains the soul (and bloodlust) of a maniacal killer.  The Child’s Play franchise, no matter what you think of it, is an absolute beast with ticket, video, DVD and merchandising sales that will forever ensure its place among the horror elite.  And to be perfectly honest, I can remember watching the original movie in a theatre when I was 10 and making the conscious decision to forgo sleep for the next week or so.  Sure, the sequels, prequels and “other” (did Chucky really become a dad?) left a lot to be desired but in my opinion, the legacy was revived a bit with the last installment (2013’s Curse of Chucky).  At this point, EVERYBODY has a replica Chucky doll, right?  Whether it’s the stitched-up, the burnt to a crisp, or the normal “Good Guys” version, it seems that were enough were mass-produced to satisfy every man, woman and (horror-loving) child on the planet.  So what are these dolls missing?  How about a pair of custom “Good Guys” D batteries to help bring it to life?  Although…..a lack of batteries sure didn’t stop our beloved little rascal but that is neither here nor there…..
Check out Ebay for this custom item, priced to own at $38.00.



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