Horror Comic Awards – Staff Picks


Rachel Rising

Pick by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

My pick of the year is “Rachel Rising” by Terry Moore. This comic has been solid for years and continues to be the first comic I pull out when I get home. Moore continues to develop these often evil characters and drop plot twists enthusiastically. Every time you think you are getting close to understanding, he pulls back another veil. Everyone should consider binge-reading this title over the holidays.

Harrow County

Pick by: Christine Caprilozzi

At this moment in time, Cullen Bunn is no doubt one of the hottest writers in comics, and with Harrow County he definitely proved why. One of the few new ongoing series introduced this year, Bunn and Tyler Crook managed to pull off a witch themed book flawlessly. The series features the goriness horror comics fans love with the suspense and eerie moments being driven by a well- crafted story. With a Harrow County TV series in development over at SyFy, this fan can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for Emmy and the darkness that follows her.

BPRD: Hell on Earth

Pick by: Nick Banks

BPRD consistently delivers coherent storylines, a well-developed cast of characters, and horrifying scenes. There is no one more adept at crafting an engaging multiverse filled with gods and monsters than Mignola and Arcudi.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Pick by: Rob Caprilozzi

This book oozes autumn. There is no other book on the stands today that can get you into the Halloween mood quite like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa can do no wrong in the Archie horror-verse. Artist, Robert Hack adds a layer of unsetting artwork to make the book horror comic perfection. This may be the best book on the stands right now.


Rover Red Charlie

Pick by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

“Rover Red Charlie” was such an amazing story. Garth Ennis was at the top of his game and absolutely nailed the very human emotions of terror, confusion, and even hope by using a cast of dogs as our protagonists. A horror story so close to the heart is rare and wonderful.

Afterlife with Archie

Pick by: Rob Caprilozzi

Simply put, “Afterlife with Archie” is a horror masterpiece. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla are the best duo in horror comics today.

The Squidder

Pick by: Christine Caprilozzi

In 2014, Ben Templesmith’s “The Squidder” stood out as a Cthulhu-esque masterpiece. The perfect blend of storytelling combined with stunning, yet seamless imagery, makes “The Squidder” the must have comic of 2014.