Holliston – Season One Review

Can someone please tell me why it’s taken me until now to watch the gloriousness that is FEARnet’s “Holliston”?

“Holliston” was created by real-life friends and directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch and takes place in Adam’s childhood home of Holliston, MA. Adam and Joe (who use their real names in the show) are roommates who work together directing crappy commercials for their boss Lance Rockett (brilliantly played by Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider). Along with running a production company, Lance also sings for a Van Halen tribute band called Diver Down that he’s always trying to get the guys to come see. Through this job, the guys are allowed to film and air their own late-night horror show called “The Movie Crypt” on public access.

The starring cast is rounded out by Joe’s nutty girlfriend Laura (played by Laura Oritz) and Adam’s ex-girlfriend Corri (played by Corri English). Laura is a cute, but very odd, aspiring artist who brings a lot of funny moments to the series. Corri is a nurse who broke Adam’s heart years ago and has now moved back to Holliston and into Adam’s life.

Adam and Joe’s main concern is getting their movie “Shin Pads” off the ground so they can get out of their crappy little town of Holliston and into the horror movie hierarchy. With the help of a “borrowed” camera from their job, the duo actually manages to make a trailer of their Mexican-Zombie-Soccer movie and get it to John Landis at a horror convention in their hometown. Joe also manages to get knocked out by “Hatchet’s” Kane Hodder while Adam drools over and makes an ass out of himself in front of “Hatchet’s” Danielle Harris.

That said, the episodes are chock full of horror cameos. “Devil’s Rejects” star Bill Moseley appears in the crappy commercials that Adam and Joe make. Derek Mears from the “Friday the 13th” remake plays a cop in one episode. “Candyman’s” Tony Todd stars in a hilarious episode where he plays the house guest who won’t leave. Oderus Urungus from Gwar plays Adam’s imaginary friend. Even Seth Green makes a hilarious appearance as a schizophrenic special effects artist.

I can honestly go on forever about how much I love this series. The jokes and laugh track are corny, but it’s on purpose. The makeup effects are cheesy but you know they’re supposed to be. Their apartment is filled with so much horror memorabilia that I’m forced to pause it for minutes at a time to see what everything is. Adam even has a mechanical housecat named W. Axl Rose for god’s sake! Most importantly, the cast has great chemistry and I really think that any horror fan will find “Holliston” hysterical.

The blu-ray version contains some awesome special features including the holy grail of special features, the almighty blooper reel. But seriously folks, the market is pretty short on gory comedy sitcoms these days so do yourself a favor and check out this gem of a series while we eagerly await Season 2.

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