Halloween Costume Documentary in the works from HNN Productions



 Halloween Costume documentary in the works from HNN Productions


So, you LOVE Halloween?  You loved dressing up as a kid? And still do as an adult?  For those of you who remember your childhood costumes and get that warm feeling in your heart, the debut documentary from HNN productions may just be for you.  Focusing on the Halloween costumes from the mid to late 20th century, their evolution and manufacturers, this is one project to keep your eye on.  See release below:





Seymour, Connecticut, May 26, 2016 – HNN Productions is excited to announce the upcoming release of “Plastic Masks and Vinyl Smocks.” This documentary marks the company’s first release and has been called a labor of love by Director/Producer Rob Caprilozzi.  Halloween has always been a beloved holiday for children of all ages and from 1950-1980’s nothing beat the wildly costumes in a box from companies such as Ben Cooper, Collegeville, and Halco.  According to Caprilozzi, “I absolutely loved those costumes; I remember being Godzilla, Spiderman, Wolfman, a Devil, amongst others.”




The documentary centers around the history and evolution of these Halloween costumes and explores the companies that brought dressing up to the masses.  When the Tylenol scare of 1982 threatened to doom Halloween forever, rivals came together to become allies and save the holiday. “It’s an amazing story that needs to be told,” said Caprilozzi, “You have major competitors coming together to keep the tradition of Halloween alive.”



 Fans of Cooper, Collegeville, and Halco can also become part of this documentary by submitting their vintage photos/videos of themselves in their costumes. “Something I really wanted to incorporate in this documentary was old photos of people in their Halloween costumes.” Fans are encouraged to submit photos and videos at: http://hnnproductions.net/projects/






More information about “Plastic Masks and Vinyl Smocks” is available on www.HNNProductions.net. A trailer for the film is set to be released in 2017.



About HNN Productions


HNN Productions is the entertainment company created by Rob Caprilozzi. Our mission is to create independent projects for the true horror fan, exploring all aspects of the genre in all its forms. HNN Productions is devoted to bringing the best original horror, exploitation, and cult genre inspired enterprises to the horror community.


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