Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Unleashed comic in April

Zenescope Entertainment has provided us a synopsis of the new Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Unleashed comic.


The four realms have been witness to great evil over the centuries- The Dark One, The Dream Eater and Helios to name a few. But none have threatened existence as we know it as much as THE BEING. Who or what is he? What does he want and how do the answers tie into the origins of Sela Mathers and the four hunters who banished a legion of monsters centuries ago? The prelude to Zenescope's Grimm event of the year begins now!

32 pages

Written by Pat Shand
Art by Nei Ruffino
Covers by Anthony Spay and Giuseppe Cafaro


Belinda returns in this amazing double-issue that kicks off the biggest Grimm Event to date! The Being's end game is set in motion as a portal is opened leading into the shadow realm – a realm where a legion of monsters has been trapped for centuries… until now. Heroes must join forces with four time-lost monster hunters to stand against a threat whose power may be unlimited. But they're about to get some help in the form of a powerful ally in Belinda! A shadow has fallen over the Grimm Universe and nothing will ever be the same!

48 pages

Written by Pat Shand
Art by TBD
Covers by Ivan Nunes, Jamie Tyndall and Stjepan Sejic

Coming in April.

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