Funding the Business of Fear: Stay Alive – Not Undead

Back in the day, local police departments used to supply coloring/activity books to school children to promote such things as fire or traffic safety, and to educate about the perils of drugs. Now, the C.R.A.Z.E (Community Resources Against Zombie Epidemic) unit is pleased to present STAY ALIVE–NOT UNDEAD: A ZOMBIE SAFETY & AWARENESS COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK. Zombies are the new method for disaster preparedness. Just ask the CDC, FEMA, and the U.S. military. Why not have a little more fun with it? Read the article by Stephanie Shamblin Gray below.

Check out the Funding the Business of Fear: Stay Alive – Not Undead.

stay Alive not undead coloring book
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Stephanie Shamblin Gray
Contributor at Horror News Network
Stephanie Shamblin Gray is a contributor at You can follow her on Twitter @UndeadStephanie. And stay up on all the latest news @HorrorNews. Read her full bio on our About Us page.
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