Fathom Events to Host Another Screening of Rob Zombie’s 31

by John Evans

Lightning strikes twice! According to their advertisement materials, the first Fathom Events screening of Rob Zombie’s 31 on September 1st was such a hit that they’re bringing it back for another showing on October 20th. Box office results for the first Fathom Events screening have not been made available. The event appears to include the same music video and behind-the-scenes bonuses that were offered during the first release. The event is being listed as an opportunity to see the film before its theatrical release. According to press releases from several days ago, the theatrical release is now scheduled for one day later, October 21st. This is also the date that the film is slated to be available on Blu-ray and DVD.  The film is also currently available for rental on a variety of Video on Demand outlets.

This isn’t the first time theatrical plans for 31 have changed. Initial plans were to release the movie on September 16th, but that changed shortly after it was revealed that The Woods, another film scheduled for release on the 16th, was actually Blair Witch.  Based on the poor ticket sales for Blair Witch, it turns out that it may not have had a major impact on 31’s performance. The release strategy for 31 has gone through many developments and is not clear yet how wide of a release the film will ultimately receive the next day, so if you want to see the movie on the big screen and you missed it the first time, mark the 20th down on your calendar.

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