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Back in January, Christine Caprilozzi hailed the horror short “Familiar” with “Kudos to Fatal pictures for making a 23 minute film that will leave many horror fan more satisfied than some of the run-of-the mill features out there.” She recently had a chance to catch up with producer, Zach Green to discuss the acclaimed film.

Horror News Network: “Familiar” leaves such an impression with the audience, especially in such a short period of time. How did you become involved with the project?

Zach Green: This is the third short film from Fatal Pictures written and directed by Richard Powell produced by myself. Richard and myself are partners that had met back at film school. So Richard who had written the film being my partner I would naturally produce the film. As we are a team Fatal Pictures Inc.


Horror News Network: What were your thoughts when you saw the finished project?

Zach Green: I was very happy with the film and the editors who worked on the film Navin and Tom. This being the first film I didn’t edit it was a little bit of a challenge during post. But again I couldn’t be happier with the final edit. Richard and I make the final tweak’s etc and do sit down with the editor before hand and go through the film with him so he has the idea of what Richard and I want to see.


Horror News Network: Much of the film’s charm is based on the psychological versus outward behavior of the main character John. Robert Nolan was fantastic in the role. How did his casting come about?

Zach Green: I came across Robert back in 2006 through an actress I had worked with previous. She had referred me to him, and my life was never the same again.


Horror News Network: Besides the psychological thriller aspect, there are parts of “Familiar” that are full of dark humor. Have you been surprised at how the horror community has embraced this?

Zach Green: Yes and its wonderful. I had the pleasure of being the in theater during the World Premiere of Familiar in Toronto Via Fangoia Fright Nights the film played in front of the vey controversial Japanese film Battle Royale. March 2nd.


Horror News Network: The more bloody scenes were very well done. Who did the special effects for the film?

Zach Green: The special effects were done by a great SPF company in Toronto entitled The Butcher Shop, who I had previously worked with on my last 2 films. Consumption (2008) & Worm (2010)


Horror News Network: What’s up next for Fatal Pictures? Any news on a full-length feature?

Zach Green: Richard Powell my partner 1 half of Fatal Pictres has recently completed the first draft of the script. And we will be in early early stages of pre production in the near future. Please follow FATAL PICUTRES on Twitter @FatalPictures & www.FatalPictures.com.

“Familiar” will be screening next in Chicago at ChicagoFearFest, April 13-14. & later in May Familiar will be screening at Texas Frightmare Weekend May 4,5,6. You can watch the new clip here: http://youtu.be/dC7vUD2OQSo


Familiar horror movie

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time, Zach. Best of luck! Have a comment? Post it here.

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