‘Excess Flesh’ – Review


‘Excess Flesh’ – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Rating: 7 out of 10


Synopsis: Jill is obsessed with her new roommate Jennifer, a promiscuous and sexy hotshot in the LA Fashion scene. New to the city and recently single, Jill is unable to keep up as she binges and purges to stay thin; eventually hating herself and everyone around her. Her jealousy and rage spiral out of control. Jennifer has everything, and Jill wants to be just like her. If Jill can t be Jennifer, she must destroy her. 


Our Thoughts: ‘Excess Flesh’ is a psychological roller coaster and a decent into the madness of a food-obsessed woman’s mind. For awhile, you’re not quite sure what you are watching. However, it sucks you into the story, as you wait for blood to be shed, one way or another.


Jill wants to be like her seemingly perfect roommate Jennifer, who acts more like an abusive husband than a friend. Jill spends her days at home stuffing her face and throwing up, slapping herself and all around hating her life, while Jennifer is living the life she wants. 


Jill snaps when Jennifer breaks her promise to her, yet again. She chains her up and makes her watch her eat cake in front of her.  As things spiral out of control, you get the feeling that the story is going to go in a certain direction, and then it twists in another. The viewer is left uncertain of what’s real and what’s not until the very end.


‘Excess Flesh’ is a highly stylized psychological thriller. What it lacks in bloodshed, although there is some, it makes up with psychological torture of both the women and the viewer. It is a visceral experience that ends in a most satisfying and original manner. Bethany Orr is terrifying as Jill and Mary Loveless is equally excellent as Jennifer. ‘Excess Flesh’ is deserving of the many awards it has been bestowed and a film fans of psychological horror will not want to miss.

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