Dawn of the Dead’s Ken Foree Announced for CT HorrorFest 2017

The co-founder of CT HorrorFest, Rob Caprilozzi, announced this week that actor Ken Foree will be appearing at this year’s convention.

Caprilozzi stated that, “Ken Foree is a horror movie icon. In his 40 year career, no matter what film he is in, he always manages to stand out.”

Foree is best know to horror fans as Peter from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (and what most fans don’t know is that he also worked with Romero on his Medieval motorcycle cult film Knightriders as well).  Foree also starred in Stuart Gordon’s H.P. Lovecraft adaptation From Beyond, playing Bubba Brownlee, a favorite of hard core horror fans of the 1980’s.

Another generation of fans would discover Foree through his work with director Rob Zombie as he appeared in The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween (2007), and The Lords of Salem.

Fans of Nickelodeon will also recognize Foree as the father (Roger) of Kenan Rockmore from the pre-teen, late 90’s favorite Keenan and Kel.  The program would run for four years (62 episodes) on the network, establishing a standard formula that is still used today with Nickelodeon’s current family sit-com line-up.

CT HorrorFest will take place at the Danbury Arena in Danbury, CT on September 16, 2017.

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