David Morrissey and Michael Cudlitz Discuss Their ‘Walking Dead’ Memories at Rhode Island Comic Con Panel

One positive aspect of dying on The Walking Dead is that you get to attend panels at conventions where you don’t have to worry about spoilers or speculation about your future character arc.  Because of this, Michael Cudlitz and David Morrissey seemed right at home discussing their involvement in the show and stories that fans may not have been privy to during their seasons on AMC’s flagship program at the annual Rhode Island Comic Con.

Many questions from the panel were asked directly by fans, and one subject that came up more than once was Abraham’s dramatic death at the hands of Negan.

Cudlitz stated that it was tough scene to shoot for everyone involved, and called his cast mates “A very large group of giving artists.”  He described his experience shooting the scene as “a theater experience” since he was able to watch the performances of his peers for a change.

Cudlitz explained that the finished product was much different than what the fans witnessed on the television show, as the scene was “a very disjointed process”, where the actor had to leave multiple times during the filming so his make-up could be adjusted.

David Morrissey also shared memories about coping with the imminent death of your character, saying that the cast would often read the scripts “from front to back” to be sure that they survived the episode. He also told fans that they had to stop going to restaurants for their “death dinners” to quell speculation about who was going to die before the episodes aired.  They continued to hold the dinners, but they had to take place at people’s houses instead to eliminate the rumor mongering.

Morrissey discussed how difficult it was to film the scene where his character (The Governor) had to kill Scott Wilson’s beloved Hershel Greene.  Morrissey said that it was “tough because I always wanted to work with him and I admired him as an actor.” He would go on to say that there were “a lot of tears on that day” and that the crew all wore Hershel’s trademark suspenders.

Morrissey also revealed that he and Wilson often went golfing together during their time on the Walking Dead, and stunned one fan when they got lost on their golf cart, and had to ask for directions (too bad the Governor and Hershel couldn’t have settled their differences on the back nine instead of with a samurai sword!).

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Nick Banks
Nick Banks
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