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It's time once again to cast your vote in the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL HORROR COMIC AWARDS!

Our staff of horror comic experts compiled a list of what we think are the top comics of the year. Now it's your turn...the fans, to decide what you think is the best of the best for 2015.

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Horror Comic Awards

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Honorary Achievement in Horror Comics

Mike Ploog

No artist had a greater impact on the horror comic revival of the 1970's than Mike Ploog. When Marvel Comics made the wise, yet risky decision to return to horror comics after nearly twenty years, Ploog was at the forefront of the classic monster revival. Ploog's work on The Monster of Frankenstein, Man-Thing, and Werewolf by Night cemented him as the go-to monster artist of the decade and helped make the revival an initial success in the 70's and a well-loved era by comic fans of today. Not only did Ploog have a hand in shaping the look of many classic Universal Monsters in his unique Marvel-style, but he was also the artist that created the classic look of the supernatural superhero Ghost Rider.

After establishing himself as a popular Marvel artist, Ploog also contributed his artwork and designs to a number of classic films of the 1980's such as Ghost Busters, The Thing, and Little Shop of Horrors. His work, both on the comic page and in film production, has inspired a generation of artists and creators world-wide.

Due to these accomplishments and an increased interest in his earlier work in a variety of collections from Marvel, Mike Ploog is our selection for Honorary Achievement in Horror Comics.


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