Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Now Available on Steam

Last Halloween, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller kicked off with Scott Reed’s brutal murder at the hands of the Cain Killer. Today Erica Reed finally comes face to face with her brother’s killer in this paranormal adventure game now fully available for PC and Mac from, Steam, GOG, and other online stores.

The Story So Far…
When it comes to fighting crime, FBI agent Erica Reed has an ace up her sleeve: a sixth sense that lets her glimpse the past to see how a crime went down. She uses this profile serial killers in Boston, hopeful that her visions will lead to a break in the Cain Killer case. Then she starts finding clues left specifically for her. Someone knows her secret. Are they trying to help, or luring her into a trap?
With three grisly cases solved, Erica finally has the Cain Killer within her reach in Cognition’s intense finale. But her colleagues have fallen and she stands alone — unless she’s willing to accept the help of someone she does not trust. In the moment of truth, will she go for justice or revenge? The choice is yours.

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