Buffy the Vampire Slayer Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

On March 10th, 1997 at 9:00 PM, Buffy the Vampire Slayer made its debut on The WB. After seven seasons and a major spinoff, Angel (which ran for five seasons of its own), it’s safe to say the show has made a permanent mark on pop culture. Redefining the modern television series with its witty dialogue and edgy content, Buffy almost instantly made creator Joss Whedon and actors Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, and many others, household names in the entertainment industry over the past two decades. read more

Bates Motel – Season 5, Episode 3: Bad Blood Analysis and Review

Did you ever get the feeling that you know something you’re not supposed to know?  And then next thing you know, you’re in the thick of it….this secret cosmos you weren’t supposed to know about suddenly and openly playing itself out? So begins Episode Three, breaking down the fourth wall we have hidden behind until this point.

We pick up exactly where we left off with Caleb recovering from his bash upside the head and Norman still in his wig, frock and high heels. (Go, Freddie Highmore for working those pumps better than I ever could.) Our heart crumbles at the sight of Caleb, beaten both physically and mentally, as he regains consciousness handcuffed to a support beam in the basement.  His blow to the noggin allows him to see his sister for a moment until she morphs into his demented nephew.  Before the closing credits, we see the character of Caleb in all his glorious dichotomy. Bound to a pole through the majority of the episode, his physical strength is robbed from him and we are left with a weak, fragile man. He has always been incapable of accepting his relationship with his sister but his love for her is unrivaled. Enraged and unable to negotiate his release, Caleb drifts through dreams and flashbacks that are horribly intertwined with the reality of Norma’s death. Pure anguish personified. Norma-via-Norman visits Caleb and tells him that both her son and her brother are in love with her and therefore, the three of them cannot live happily ever after. This is the final push for Caleb who now no longer sees Norman’s face but that of his adoring sister. He professes his love while holding her hand and goes to a place beyond despair – a place with no sister, no son, no purpose. read more

Season Two of Tom Hardy’s Taboo Confirmed to Return to FX and BBC One

Good news has just dropped for fans of Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, just after the thrilling conclusion to Season One aired last week: It’s coming back!

Deadline reports that Taboo has officially been renewed for a second season, and it will continue to air on FX in the United States and BBC One in England. Co-Creator Stephen Knight has stated that he currently has plans for three seasons of the show.

Much like the mysterious character he plays on the show, Hardy had little to say about the renewal: read more

Netflix Heads to the Kingdom

Following in the footsteps of Stranger Things and Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix is hoping another original horror series will turn some heads.  Deadline is reporting that the online streaming behemoth has commissioned the Korean original series Kingdom, a zombie series which takes place during Korea’s medieval Joseon period.  The idea of a period drama where a fast-moving illness is wiping out an entire kingdom is surely a unique one, and the international aspect of the setting can only help Netflix continue its massive growth globally. read more

“The House that Jack Built” Adds Uma Thurman to Cast

Lars von Trier is a name that horror fans may remember from his ultra-insane film Antichrist starring Willem Dafoe that came out in 2009. Since then, he has added a few more films to his resume but none that have piqued our interest more than the one he is working on right now: The House that Jack Built.

With Deadline reporting that they have added Uma Thurman to the cast that already features Matt Dillon in the lead role, this movie sounds like it’s headed in a promising direction.

From Zentropa Entertainment: read more

Jordan Peele’s Get Out Continues to Impress at the Box Office

Although Logan easily beat out all competition at the box office with a $85 million dollar debut due to stellar reviews and Hugh Jackman’s farewell performance as everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant, Get Out continued to rack up impressive box office numbers in second place.

Get Out made $28 million at the box office this weekend, bringing the film’s total to a robust $78 million dollars.  Aside from its profitable debut last weekend ($33 million), the film also performed very well over the week, taking in an average of $4 million from Monday to Thursday. read more

Misery Obscura Author and Horror Rock Legend Eerie Von: The Horror News Network Interview

With over 35 years in the music business, over some of the most exciting eras in rock music, Eerie Von is a man who is near and dear to fans of punk, goth, metal, and horror-inspired music.  What fans may not know is that Eerie Von is also an accomplished photographer. Through his new book, Misery Obscura: The Photography of Eerie Von (1981-2009), Eerie has given fans a back stage pass into the origins of the Misfits, the rise of Samhain, and the formation and world-wide success of Danzig. The Horror News Network was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Eerie about the origins of the book, his musical journey, and of course, horror films. read more

Taboo Episodes 7 & 8 Review and Analysis

Season One of FX’s Taboo ended just as explosively as Tom Hardy promised, tying up many of the storylines of the season and establishing a clear and definitive transition to the themes and events of Season Two. The final two episodes of the season continue the quality of storytelling established early on in this series while adding prolonged battle scenes which ramp up the intensity of the show and increase the scope of the events. Tom Hardy is clearly the star of the show, but its ensemble cast is able to shine through several major scenes which wrap up the season. read more

AMC to Create Talking Dead Pop Culture Spinoff Show Featuring Chris Hardwick

AMC has good news for pop culture fans who like watching shows about people talking about watching shows! The network is aware of the tremendous popularity of Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead, a show that reflects on individual episodes of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, and it plans to expand the format to all of pop culture.

Variety reports that AMC plans to expand the series so that it can run episodes of the hour long show on Sunday nights at 11:00pm even when everyone’s favorite zombie show is off the air. Entitled simply, Talking, the show will feature pop culture guests who are not necessarily related to The Walking Dead universe. The plan is to air Talking Dead when a Walking Dead show is running new episodes, and to air Talking when there are no new Walking Dead episodes airing. read more

New Trailer Drops for “Alien: Covenant”

One of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2017 gets a full trailer release and said trailer is two minutes and thirty-six seconds of face-hugging/Xenomorph glory. Starring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, James Franco, Danny McBride and a slew of other recognizable names, Alien: Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott (his third of the series) and is a sequel to 2012’s Prometheus which is in turn a prequel to the original Alien series.

Ridley, who directed the original 1979 Alien told Flickering Myth back in January that he “wanted to go back and really explore the origins of the xenomorphs”, adding that, “We did Prometheus – that heaved it off the ground, and Covenant is a follow-through to Prometheus. We now know who created this, and why, and the next one’s a joining up of the storyline.” read more