Kevin McCarthy dies 1914 – 2010

Kevin McCarthy

Actor Kevin McCarthy has passed away at the age of 96.

The veteran actor best known for his starring role in the 1956 science-fiction/horror classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” died Saturday.

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Barry Levinson Directing Eco-Horror Tale, The Bay

The Bay movie

The Paranormal Activity team – Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider – is getting behind Barry Levinson’s new film called The Bay.

Formerly known as Isopod, the story is culled from a collection of camera phone accounts, 911 calls and other mediums and tells of a viral outbreak on the eastern seaboard. Much of the focus is thrown on the small town of Claridge, Maryland where chaos ensues.

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The Cold movie news

The Cold movie

Director Daniel Calparsoro was the first director attached to Ghost House’s Burst 3D, a tale set during the winter. Since that didn’t work out (Neil Marshall is now taking the helm), Carlparsoro is now focusing his efforts on another chilly thriller called The Cold.

Set in Idaho, the film follows seven friends who head off into the wilderness to begin their annual hunting trip. As a snow storm gathers, a big white out starts. Snowed in, cold and isolated, the men begin to question their friendship and loyalties. Soon they are terrorized by an unseen beast. Is it merely the cold? Starvation? Or maybe it’s a Wendigo…

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Green, Lynch, Sullivan, Rifkin Team for Chillerama


Over the weekend, at Film4’s Frightfest in London, the announcement came that Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan have teamed up for an anthology horror film called Chillerama.

Cecil Kaufman owns a drive-in cinema that is being closed down. On the last night he shows four shorts. Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam green and Joe Lynch are the directors.

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More Hostel 3 casting news

Hostel 3

Four more actors have been cast for Hostel 3. Nip Tuck’s John Hensley, Skyler Stone, Chris Coy and Thomas Kretschmann are the latest additions to the cast.

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John Cusack is Poe in The Raven

John Cusack

John Cusack made the official announcement on his Twitter feed that he would be taking on the role of Edgar Allan Poe in James (V For Vendetta) McTeigue’s thriller The Raven.

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Nightfall movie news

Nightfall vampires

James Wan has signed on to direct Nightfall for Platinum Studios, reports Deadline.

The original graphic novel was created by Scott O. Brown and Ferran Xalabarder published by Platinum’s comic book imprint in 2007 and deals with a conservative Texan, David Paxton, who winds up in a prison run by vampires.

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Bruce vs. Frankenstein movie news

Bruce vs Frankenstein movie

If you’re waiting for Bruce vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce, it sounds like you’ve got a bit of a wait.

The actor tells MTV that he was planning to make the film while on hiatus from Burn Notice, but that time was filled with a made-for-TV Burno Notice prequel that centers on his character Sam. Still, he teased BvF with simply this: “I want every horror movie icon in the movie. I want it to be the ‘Mad, Mad, Mad World’ of horror movies.”

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Predators DVD & Blu-Ray Announcement

Predators movie

The Fox summer release Predators is going to make its DVD and Blu-Ray debut on October 19.

Naturally, the Blu is going to contain more special features, however, both will include special “motion comics” that lend some back story to the film (these were previously published by Dark Horse).

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Monster Brawl movie

Monster Brawl movie

Dave Foley, Robert Maillet, wrestling vets Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash, MMA ref Herb Dean and Lance Henriksen are participating in this horror-comedy shooting up in Ontario for Foresight Features.

The film depicts an action-packed fighting tournament set in an abandoned graveyard transformed into a brawling venue. Brawl promises to feature a roster of classic monsters, battling to the death in an explosive Pay-Per-View television broadcast format.

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