Frank Darabont Leaves The Walking Dead

Deadline reports that Frank Darabont, the executive producer and director of AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead, is stepping down as showrunner of the series, which is now in production on its upcoming second season. The news is even more surprising given the fact that Darabont was on hand for Walking Dead’s Comic-Con panel just this past Friday alongside fellow executive producers Robert Kirkman, on whose graphic novel the series is based, and Gale Anne Hurd and appeared excited about Season 2.

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Theatre of the Devil movie news

Mikrotone announced it will be going into production on Theatre of the Devil in Los Angeles. Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris are in line to star. On the run from the police after killing her husband, Diana Michaels winds up at the theater of the reclusive magician, Xanthus. But Xanthus is not as mild mannered as she thought. He uses Diana in a sinister ritual designed to bring the soul of his lost love, Aura, back from the dead. It seems to work, as her entire demeanor changes, but she can’t remember anything about their life together before her death. In the meantime, a relentless detective is tracking Diana, and he will stop at nothing to bring her in. But will he find Diana? Or just an innocent lost soul inhabiting her body?

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Wolf Creek 2 officially announced

Variety is reporting that Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek 2 has received financing and looks ready to go. Wolf Creek 2 is described as: Lured by the promise of an authentic Australian holiday, backpackers RUTGER, KATARINA and PAUL visit the notorious Wolf Creek crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the vast and isolated region ever wants to meet; MICK TAYLOR (John Jarratt). As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic, white knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster, and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man.

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Brea Grant to voice Cassie Hack in Hack/Slash

Brea Grant will voice Cassie Hack in the Hack/Slash animated movie. Currently underway, the HACK/SLASH illustrated film will mix comic book sequential art with 3D CGI and rotoscoped animation of live-action performances. “Cassie is a great role and there are a lot of established actresses who’d love to bring her to life. We feel really blessed by the actress we’ve selected to take on the role–not only is she a fan-favorite but she herself is a fan of Tim, Cassie, and Vlad,” Pizzolo said. “With HACK/SLASH, we’re working more with green screen and roto-style animation, so this actress will literally be taking on Cassie’s skin.” HACK/SLASH sees ultimate final girl Cassie Hack and her beast of a partner, Vlad take on a wealth of slashers around the world. Here is an image of Brea in her Cassie outfit for Halloween.

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Last Blood movie news

We have received word that Simon Hunter is set to direct Last Blood, a comic written by Bobby Crosby, published by Blatant Comics. In Last Blood, created by Chris and Bobby Crosby, zombies have taken over the Earth and vampires must protect the last surviving humans so they can live off their blood.

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Remains trailer

The trailer for Remains aired on Chiller TV.

Remains is described as:

The film, based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer, tells of a blackjack dealer and a dancer in Reno, Nevada, who find themselves trapped in a casino when a nuclear accident zombifies everyone on earth.

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Walking Dead Collectors Edition Season 1

Anchor Bay Entertainment is re-releasing The Walking Dead season one on DVD and Blu-Ray with a brand-new collector’s edition. A Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blu-ray and Limited Edition Blu-ray Collector’s Tin will arrive on October 4. All three versions include the following NEW extras: Pilot Episode: The B&W Version, Audio Commentaries On All 6 episodes, We Are The Walking Dead, Bring Out The Dead: KNB And The Art of Making Zombies, Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead, No More Room in Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon, Adapting The Dead, Killer Conversations: Frank Darabont & Greg Nicotero Each version includes bonus features from the previous release of “The Walking Dead: Season 1” on DVD that contained the following: The Making of The Walking Dead, Inside The Walking Dead: Episodes 1 – 6, A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman, Behind The Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips, Convention Panel with the Producers, The Walking Dead Trailer Extra Footage includes: Zombie School, Bicycle Girl, On Set with Robert Kirkman, Hanging with Steven Yeun, Inside Dale’s RV, On Set with Andrew Lincoln.

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The Darkness movie in the works

As Comic-Con prepares to open in San Diego, publisher Top Cow and the Walt Disney-based producer Mandeville Films (“The Fighter,” “The Muppets”) are teaming up to make a movie based on the comic-book property “The Darkness.” The series centers on a mobster named Jackie Estacado, who discovers he has a murderous power, known as “the darkness,” that allows him to summon creatures from another realm. Created by Marc Silvestri, “The Darkness” has yielded more than 115 books and sold 25 million copies around the world. At one time in development with Dimension Films, the property has also spawned a popular video game, with a sequel set to come out in October.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D cast announced

Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D, the next installment in the long standing franchise, are pleased to announce the cast of the film, which picks up the story where the original 1974 film left off and will deliver a new chapter in the Leatherface saga with the goal of making it as horrifying as the original — in 3D. The cast includes an all new actor in the iconic villain role of Leatherface, an exciting cast of principle actors, and featured cameos by several cast members of the original 1974 film, famously directed by Tobe Hooper. About The Cast GUNNAR HANSEN, the original Leatherface who has never acted in another Texas Chainsaw franchise film, is set to appear in a cameo, with MARILYN BURNS, the original film’s lead actress, playing the role of Verna Carson. Reprising his role as the Grandfather, JOHN DUGAN also makes his first series appearance since the original film. Beloved character actor BILL MOSELEY, who played the role of Choptop in Tobe Hooper’s 1983 sequel, will play Drayton Sawyer in this film. Moseley will be standing in for Jim Siedow, who previously played the part before his passing in 2003. The two actors appeared together in the 1983 film and were quite comfortable together. Director Luessenhop explains how “Moseley is the perfect choice to capture some of the essence that Siedow had brought to the character.” Playing Leatherface will be discovery DAN YEAGER. Director John Lussenhop knew he was perfect for the role immediately, after a chance meeting. He describes the 6’ 6” actor as having “huge farm boy arms, a brooding brow. He’s quiet, circumspect, and immediately struck a menacing chord with me. After five minutes, I could no longer think of anyone else for the role.” ALEXANDRA DADDARIO (PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF, HALL PASS) has been cast in the lead female role of Heather Miller. The story centers around Heather, as she makes a trip to small-town Texas to collect her inheritance, unaware that her inheritance includes a live item – her cousin, the notorious serial killer Leatherface. Rounding out the cast of friends visiting the inherited house are TANIA RAYMONDE (“Lost”) playing the role of Heather’s best friend Nikki, with acclaimed R&B singer TREY SONGZ making his film debut as Heather’s boyfriend Ryan and KERAM MALICKI-SANCHEZ (PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and JOHN Q) as Ryan’s friend. SHAUN SIPOS (“Melrose Place,” FINAL DESTINATION 2 and the upcoming HICK) plays Darryl in the film, a hitchhiker along for the ride who knows more than he lets on. An all new cast of law enforcement and government professionals take on Leatherface in this chapter of the saga: THOM BARRY (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, “Cold Case,”) plays the role of Sheriff Hooper, with PAUL RAE (TRUE GRIT) in the role of town mayor Burt Hartman. SCOTT EASTWOOD (FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, INVICTUS, GRAN TORINO) will portray Deputy Carl Hartman, a young officer who is battling a powerful attraction to Heather while hunting Leatherface. Noted character actor RICHARD RIEHLE (OFFICE SPACE) will play Sawyers family attorney Farnsworth.

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Mangrove Slasher part 2 interview

Mangrove Slasher

Lurking in the mangroves, just beyond the swamps, at the edge of the coast, lives a shadowy figure hell bent on ruining everyone’s good time. His method..A machete. His reasons..We may never know. MANGROVE SLASHER 2 is the story of a wild, partying group of friends and the man who is determined to finish them off one by one. Shot entirely in the Sarasota area by director Sean Haitz, MANGROVE SLASHER 2 is a tour de force of absurdism, a comedy that exploits horror and B-movie clichés to maximum effect.

We caught up with filmmakers, Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, to talk about Mangrove Slasher 2.

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