Humans vs. Zombies movie news

Box Office Mojo has HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES down for theatrical release via Hannover House September 23. The movie is described as: Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus, a neuroinvasive organism that is spread rapidly through direct human contact. The Infected are enslaved by the invading “swarm” intelligence and driven by an insatiable appetite to consume human flesh. Returning home, the students spread the infection to their fellow classmates and other unsuspecting townspeople. One by one, more students fall victim to the plague, triggering an epidemic that spawns a horde of ravenous zombies. The zombie horde grows and spreads quickly. Amidst the chaos, a campus security guard, obsessed with conspiracy theories, leads a group of students to safety as they and a small band of uninfected townspeople set out to find other human survivors in an attempt to discover the source of the “zombie” virus and save the world.

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The Howling Reborn DVD and Blu-Ray

Anchor Bay Entertainment will bring The Howling Reborn, a relaunch of the werewolf franchise, to DVD and Blu-Ray on October 18. On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past… that he is about to become a werewolf. Now, in an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, they must battle not only Will’s growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them…and then, us all.

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The Horrors of Stephen King on TCM

The Horrors of Stephen King will be on TCM starting Monday, Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. and will feature the horror master discussing how he discovered terror at the movies. Stephen King will take viewers on a journey through several aspects of the genre, including vampires, zombies, demons and ghosts as well as exploring reasons behind moviegoers’ crave for fright. Features set to be part of the Halloween celebration include 1931’s Frankenstein, 1941’s The Wolf Man and 1943’s I Walked With a Zombie.

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Paranormalcy movie news

Variety reports that Music video director Ray Kay, whose credits include Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” will make his feature directorial debut with the supernatural thriller “Paranormalcy.” Mitch Klebanoff is adapting from the novel by Kiersten White. Gil Adler Prods. and Reverie Entertainment Partners optioned the book prior to its publication by HarperCollins. Story follows a teen who works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency and discovers she may be at the center of a dark prophecy predicting the destruction of all paranormal creatures.

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The ABCs of Death looking for 26th director

The ABCs of Death are searching for the next great genre director and we are prepared to give away five grand in cash and a dose of fame to find a lucky winner. The ABCs of Death has already signed up 25 of the most talented genre directors on this planet and have saved the 26th spot for someone to grab with both hands and to throttle it into submission. The winner of this global search will have their work included in a feature film alongside some of the genre’s most talented new blood. But even if you don’t win, your searing talent may just be discovered through this competition. Their official website is here:

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David Hayter to star in The Devils Mile

David Hayter, known to millions of filmgoers as the screenwriter of the superhero hits X-Men, X2: X-Men United and Watchmen, and to millions of video game fans as the iconic voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, is set to return to the screen – this time in front of the camera, playing a lead role in the upcoming independent horror film The Devil’s Mile, currently in pre-production. The Devil’s Mile is a relentlessly paced hybrid of gritty crime thriller and Lovecraftian supernatural horror. The film follows a trio of kidnappers who take an ill-advised detour en route to deliver their hostages — two teenage girls — to their mysterious and powerful employer. When they accidentally kill one of the girls during a botched escape attempt, their simmering mistrust explodes into shocking violence. But what they thought was their worst case scenario is only the beginning, as they are engulfed by the hellish forces that haunt the road — a road they realize they may never escape. Now captors and captive must fight together to escape the monstrous forces pursuing them and somehow survive…The Devil’s Mile.

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Satan Hates You DVD news

Satan Hates You will be released October 18th on TLA’s Danger After Dark label. Dubbed “a clever collision of flamboyant gore and social commentary” by Variety, the over-the-top shocker follows Marc (Don Wood) a homicidal maniac driven by demons buried deep within his soul, and Wendy (Christine Spencer) a young girl who lives life fast and hard without a second’s thought to the consequences. Their separate paths will eventually cross, but will it be on the road to salvation or the highway to hell?

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Frankenstein adaptation on NBC

Variety reports that NBC is moving forward on an adaptation scripted by Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner. The duo are executive producers on House. The film will be set in modern day. Frankenstein has proved a popular subject on the feature side, with at least six different productions in development at 20th Century Fox, Summit, Universal and Lakeshore Entertainment to name a few.

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World War Z continues shooting on a battleship

World War Z continues production today in Falmouth, U.K., working towards a 2012 release. Set in the near future, it revolves around UN employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the zombie pandemic that is toppling its armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Mireille Enos also stars as Gerry’s wife, Karin.

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Fright Night review

Fright Night remake review

Melissa Frolich was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the new Fright Night movie, a remake of the memorable film from the 1980s.

What did she think of it?

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