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Crossed movie news

Crossed comic

Taking a page from the Kick-Ass playbook, Ken F. Levin has mustered Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions, Michael De Luca and Jason Netter to help independently finance and produce an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ horror comic Crossed.

As Variety notes, director Matthew Vaughn took a similar route with Kick-Ass after studios passed on the $28-million film. It opens today in the U.S.

Debuting in 2008 from Avatar Press, Ennis’ creator-owned Crossed follows survivors of a zombie-like plague that causes those infected to carry out their most evil thoughts and desires — murder, rape, arson. Carriers of the virus are known as the Crossed because a cross-like rash appears on their faces.

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Zeroids preview

Dangerous aliens. Flesh-eating zombies. Smokin’ hot sorority babes. These aren’t your daddy’s robots! It’s true what they say: they just don’t make ’em like they used to. After spending decades in space, five incredible robots, the Zeroids, return to Earth during humanity’s darkest hour. Their mission: to defend our world from a race of insidious alien energy vampires. Armed with extraterrestrial technology acquired among the stars, the Zeroids are all that stand between mankind and an alien-engineered zombiegeddon…but before they can help us, the Zeroids must first enlist the help of a U.S. Air Force ace and a beautiful Cornell sorority co-ed. The beloved toy series comes to life in this exciting new post-apocalyptic adventure series!

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Lady Death returns in Avatar

Lady Death will make her comeback to comic books as penned by her creator Brian Pulido and co-writer Mike Wolfer under the Boundless Comics banner, a new company founded by William Christensen and his partners at Avatar Press.

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Devil #3 preview

A vampire virus threatens humanity, and it may come down to a rogue cop and his straight-laced partner to contain the freakishly super-human devils from rampaging across Japan. Why did the government create this virus, and what will result from its perfection?

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Deathlok #6 preview

Residual Humanity.” RoXXon Corp is about to learn the cost of its sizzling ratings. Deathlok has cut a bloody swath right to Director Devereoux’s doorstep, and is ready to deliver the killing stroke. But wait — there’s hesitation. Something lurks within the Alpha Mech’s prototype, a glitch in the circuits, fibers and dead tissue that Roxxon Corp never could have predicted. It has a million-dollar question for Devereoux, and she’d better consider her answer carefully.

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Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #10 preview

Playtime is over, and the zombie universe is no place for a vacation, even though Deadpool has been having a fine time in the last human stronghold in existence and playing patty cake with the lovely Professor Veronica. No, no, no. So Deadpool, Headpool and Bill agent of A.I.M. have set off to find their way back to the non-zombie Universe. Just one problem: They’ve run head on into a zombie-fied Absorbing Man, Armadillo and Aquilar. And these guys are hungry. Time for a full-blown all out battle, complete with a troop of A.I.M agents who stumble into the fray. Even if they manage to get past these guys, will Deadpool’s crazy plan to get them home actually work?

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The Living Corpse comic updates

Living Corpse comic

Ken Haeser, co-creator of The Living Corpse, let us in on a few updates of the title:
With the move to the (soon to be announced) new publisher, The Living Corpse will come out with a new #1 for a fresh start. The trade will be put out by the new publisher to coincide with the new #1.

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Aliens from Dark Horse


Staff writer, Justin Spotten has submitted his latest article: Aliens from Dark Horse.

A lone figure walks cautiously down a dimly lit hallway. They are frightened, mumbling to themselves and flashing their light around in every which way. They don’t see the shadow descending from above, don’t here the soft swish of a tail or see the faint glint off the slimy carapace. They only turn when they hear the snarl; a low undulating rasp that quickly crescendos into a paced hiss. Only then do they turn in horror as the beast curls back its lips angrily and lashes out with deadly accuracy. They only evidence left after the gruesome scene is a splatter of blood along the floor and walls. Ridley Scott, along with the mad, surreal designs of H. R. Geiger, birthed the perfect hunter; and Dark Horse helped make the Alien immortal.

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Hellsing Volume 1 Review

Hellsing comic

There’s a secret organization somewhere in England created to defend the Queen and country from monsters of all sorts. Yes, it’s hard to believe in this day and age….but really, isn’t this the true age of monsters? Enter Hellsing, an agency, long in tooth, with the experience, know-how, and…er…equipment to handle the problems that arise when vampires, ghouls take on these dark forces. “What equipment?” you may say. How about another vampire, and a big pistol loaded with special silver bullets? That oughta do the trick. Hellsing the long-awaited manga is finally in America, thanks to Dark Horse Comics and the folks at Digital Manga, and you’re gonna love it. Come get some smart-ass gore and action as only Japan seems to produce, in that crazy “non-Western” formats the kids seem to love. And nice and thick at over 200 pages!

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