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World War Hulks: Hulked-Out Heroes #1 preview

Hulk comic

Spinning from the shocking twist ending of FALL OF THE HULKS, Jeff Parker and Humberto Ramos bring you the most incredible new character from the House of Ideas: HULKPOOL! What sacrifices will he make for the greater good? What horrible decisions will change the world as we know it? And what do Devil Dinosaur, Rawhide Kid, Rama Tut, and Bluebeard the Pirate have to do with this?

Check out the World War Hulks: Hulked-Out Heroes #1 preview.

BUFFY Interview with Georges Jeanty

Buffy comic

Twilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together.

We caught up with artist, Georges Jeanty, to talk about BUFFY.

Read the BUFFY Interview with Georges Jeanty.

Updated Magdalena #1 preview

Magdalena comic

The Magdalena has been the official protector and warrior of the Catholic Church for over two thousand years, sworn to defend the Faith with the Spear of Destiny against all manner of supernatural threats. However, Patience, the latest Magdalena, has seen through the hypocrisy of her masters and struck out on her own. When her old mentor comes to her with a mission to prevent Armageddon, will she be able to resist the call?

Check out the Magdalena #1 preview (updated).

Monster Making 101 – Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson

Monster Making

Hey Everyone! We here at ComicMonsters.com have a new monthly column we want you ALL to participate in. Monster Making 101 brings you an original work by some of industry friends. Along with that is a guide as to how they produced the image. We welcome everyone and anyone to try and recreate the image. Kind of a fun “How to Draw Monsters” style online book if you will. So without further stalling here is this months piece, so make sure to get your version in and come back to see what we have next month.

This month we feature a monster by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson.

Check out Monster Making 101 – Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson.

THE JOKERS ASYLUM: Clayface interview with Kevin Shinick

Clayface Batman

Top creators lend their talents to a new installment of THE JOKER’S ASYLUM – a special month-long, weekly series of one-shots starring the greatest villains in Batman’s rogues gallery.

Each issue is narrated by The Joker and tells a special stand-alone story that gives readers an inside look into the insane lives of The Dark Knight’s greatest adversaries! This batch of tense tales spotlights The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Clayface and Killer Croc! Can you stand the madness?!

We caught up with writer, Kevin Shinick, to talk about THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: CLAYFACE.

Read the THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: CLAYFACE interview with Kevin Shinick.

The Astounding Wolf-Man #22 preview

Legacy,’ part two. Mecha-Maid’s life is torn apart as the greatest threat she’s ever faced comes in the form of… her own daughter?! It’s a story Gary Hampton, The Astounding Wolf-Man knows all too well… and yet another common thread to bond this unlikely couple together. All this and more in the ramp-up to the monumental 25th issue!

Check out the The Astounding Wolf-Man #22 preview.

Proof #26 preview

Proof comic

Blue Fairy.’ The baby fairy, Joy, travels across the habitat in search of his dead father. A special stand-alone story with art by guest illustrator Chris Grine.

Check out the Proof #26 preview.

The Demons Blood Lines

Demon Etrigan

Staff writer, Thomas A. Tuna has submitted his latest article, The Demon’s ‘Blood’ Lines.

“Gone! Gone! The form of man, Rise the Demon Etrigan!”

Every fan of the illustrated horror genre knows these fateful words by heart. The words that transform Jason Blood into Etrigan, the son of the Demon Belial.

Read The Demon’s ‘Blood’ Lines.

68 returns to comics

Jay Fotos let us know that 68 is returning to comics!

’68 is returning to the steaming jungles of Vietnam as the original ’68 comic team(released back in 2007) expands to a full mini-series, continuing the unique blending of the all too real horrors of war with the apocalyptic rise of the hungry, rotting dead! From zombie infested tunnels to gore-soaked battlefields to flying steel coffins filled with twitching body bags, welcome to 1968…and the end of the world!

Read more about ’68 returning to comics.

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors #1 review

Darkstalkers comic

The ghoulish monsters and sexy seductresses known as the Darkstalkers are back! Morrigan, Demitri, Bishamon, and Donovan are joined by newcomers like Huitzil, Anakaris, and Q-Bee. It’s man VS demon, robot VS mummy, succubus VS vampire and more, as the creatures of the night battle for control of the darkness!

Check out the Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors #1 review.