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The Scream Factory returns from long hiatus

Bump comic

Writer, James Zahn, dropped by to let us know that The Scream Factory has returned after a year and a half hiatus.

James let us know what is in the works for the publisher including titles such as BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE and BUMP.

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Frank Frazetta dies

Frank Frazetta dies

Frank Frazetta, one of the greatest artists of our time has died. He was 82. His artwork graced many comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, record-album covers, and other media.

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Vincent Price Presents #19 preview

The horror series sets Vincent Price in a far off fantasy world. Danior has been convicted of a crime in which he must be tortured for his crimes while giving the ultimate sacrifice.

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The Claw and the Fang #2 preview

A warrior king will be reborn! Hunted to extinction by a renegade Demon, the Firewoman is the last of her kind. She survives driven only by the hope she can bestow her power upon the one person able to restore balance, but the one she seeks has given up on life in the real world preferring a virtual one.

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The Light #2 preview

Coyle and Avery discover just how far the virus has spread when they escape up the Oregon coast. As they encounter other survivors and learn more about the infection, they begin to understand exactly what it will take to stay safe from THE LIGHT.

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Simon Garth – the Original Marvel Zombie

Marvel Zombie

Staff writer, Wayne Lackey, has submitted his latest article: Simon Garth – the Original Marvel Zombie.

Long before the endless iterations of the current crop of flesh-rending super-human Marvel Zombies, there was only one – former New Orleans businessman Simon Garth. First appearing in a short story in Atlas Comics’ Menace #5 (July 1953), the Zombie was shown to be under the controllable with a pair of magical amulets: one draped around Garth’s neck, and the other in the possession of Garth’s former gardener, Gyps.

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John Connor Sideshow Exclusive Edition

John Connor Terminator

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you the latest in Hot Toys’ Terminator Salvation lineup, the John Connor 12-inch Figure – Final Battle Version. With an authentic likeness of Christian Bale, this incredibly detailed figure uses the Hot Toys True-Type figure body with over 36 points of articulation.

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Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave contest

Bela Lugosi comic
Monsterverse is haveing a “BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE” contest. Here is your big chance to become a part of Monsterverse history and win something.

Just help them come up with a name for LUGOSI’S LITTLE LACKEY. Look at the little monster’s illustration and then go to their COMICS FROM THE MONSTERVERSE FACEBOOK site and then put your name-thinking skullcap on and see what rattles out. The creature that comes up with what they judge the best name for their little character gets a free signed (by Kerry Gammill) Monsterverse poster.

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zombie comic

Brian Keene, the horror novelist acclaimed as one of the major forces behind the new era of zombie popularity, is bringing an all-new fright-filled feature to Antarctic Press! Follow the frantic journey of a man seeking his one ray of hope in a post-apocalyptic nightmare United States. The zombies have come and (mostly) gone, but the disease is still out there, threatening the survivors. The country swarms with roving packs of wild animals-and worse, desperate humans-ready to do whatever it takes to survive. Through it all, one man must drive from California to New York to reunite with the woman he loves…before it’s too late for either of them!

We caught up with writer, Brian Keene, to talk about The Last Zombie.

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Walkthrough – The Light – Issue 1

The Light comic

Staff writer, David Pinckney, has submitted his latest article: Walkthrough – The Light – Issue 1.

Nathan Edmondson gained a lot of popularity with his Image Comics limited series Olympus. Now, Edmondson is at it again with his new limited series horror comic, The Light. As a fan of his previous work I decided to pit up The Light and was happy to see that Edmondson came out with yet another solid comic. With that said, many people may not have picked up the comic and want to know if they could get into it and some people may have read it but missed or didn’t understand some parts. We are gonna take this article and turn it into a walkthrough of issue one of The Light to explain the characters, plot, and major events in the comic. This is article has some spoilers but they are noted.

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