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The first volume in Yoe Book’s thrilling new series, “The Masters of Horror Comic Book Library,” fittingly features the first and foremost maniacal monster of all time… Frankenstein! Dick Briefer is one of the seminal artists who worked with Will Eisner on some of the very first comic books. If you like the comic-book weirdness of cartoonists Fletcher Hanks, Basil Wolverton, and Boody Rogers, you’re sure to thrill over Dick Briefer’s creation of Frankenstein. The large-format book lovingly reproduces a monstrous number of stories from the original 1940s and ’50s comic books. The stories are fascinatingly supplemented by an insightful introduction with rare photos of the artist, original art, letters from Dick Briefer, drawings by Alex Toth inspired by Briefer’s Frankenstein — and much more!

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Marvel Zombies 5 #3 preview

Machine Man and friends get medieval on the hindquarters of the walking dead as they travel to the land of Camelot and the original Black Knight to thwart an invasion of Avalon by an army of dark…uh, deadi…Er…corpses possessed by the power of the Darkhold to devour human flesh!

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Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #11 preview

Zombie Ice Man is hungry! And Zombie Firebird is feeling peckish too. Mmmmmmm. A Slice of Dr. Betty sounds good … with a side of Bill, Agent of A.I.M. You really think Deadpool is gonna let that hap, pen? Cue gratuitous violence. Following Headpool’s half-baked plan to get back to the ‘normal’ universe, Deadpool and pals must first fight their way through the hungry of hungries. Which of Deadpool’s compatriots gets zombie-fied? Tune in to find out. Same Deadpool-time. Same Deadpool channel.

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Celebrity Zombie Killers OGN review

Celebrity zombies
The clueless young celebrities that rule Hollywood have a new adversary in town—ravenous cannibal zombies!!! Can our self-absorbed, dumbass celebutants dig down deep enough to emerge as heroes or will the zombies win out?!?! Rick Copp (TV’s Teen Titans) has created a twisted, hilarious mash-up of MTV’s The Hills meets 28 Days Later!!

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Dynamite acquires Chaos! Comics Library

Dynamite Entertainment has announced it has acquired the Chaos! Comic’ library and all associated assets.

The deal includes publishing labels Black Label Graphics, Infinity Comics and properties such as Evil Ernie, Smiley the Psychotic Button, Chastity, Purgatori, Jade, Omen, Bad Kitty, Cremator and Lady Demon.

Original Chaos! founder Brian Pulido still controls the Lady Death character.

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Darkness/Darkchylde/Witchblade: Kingdom of Pain preview

Darkness Darkchylde

The Return of Randy Queen’s Darkchylde!

A new armor for Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, and a new beginning for Ariel Chylde, the girl who can become creatures from her nightmares! Jackie intercepts a physic plea for help, and frees Ariel from a self imposed, seven-year exile. But what happens when these fan favorite monster makers encounter a new threat that can create anything? Find out this Christmas, when things get dark! Guest starring Witchblade!

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Blokes Tomb of Horror #2 review

Tomb of Horror 2

Featuring 7 tales of terror, Virus Comix is proud to present the second issue of its anthology series, bringing together a collection of art styles from around the world into one issue.

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Asylum Press announces EEEK!

EEEK comic

Asylum Press announces the release of an all-new horror anthology entitled EEEK! by creator Jason Paulos. Shipping in Sept. 2010 it’s just in time to shake your bones for the Halloween season.

EEEK! is a homage from artist/writer Jason Paulos to the classic horror comics of his youth. Taking a pinch of black humour from EC comics and mixing it with the art stylings of House of Mystery and Warren comics, Paulos blends a heady broth that hits you like a burning incense stick to the retina.

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Driver for the DEAD preview

Driver for the Dead

We have some preview pages of the upcoming Driver for the Dead comic from Radical. Driver of the Dead is described as:
Alabaster Graves is a driver for the dead. As a veteran of funeral homes, mortuaries, and coroners’ offices across the Deep South, Graves chauffers bodies to their final resting places. But now, Alabaster must cover the distance from Shreveport to New Orleans to retrieve the remains of Mose Freeman, renowned voodoo priest, with Freeman’s sultry and contumely granddaughter riding shotgun. What he doesn’t know is that he’s being pursued by a resurrectionist named Fallow – a necromancer who gets his power from stealing body parts… and for whom the corpse of Mose Freeman would be the ultimate prize.

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The Living Corpse movie to preview at Cannes

Living Corpse cannes

A promotional poster for the upcoming Living Corpse movie says it will be previewing at Cannes film festival.

The Living Corpse is described as:
The dead have risen with a taste for human brains. But one among them has been stricken with regret for what he has become and the deeds he has done. Alone and outnumbered by evil, The Living Corpse wages a war against the creatures of the night!

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