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Netflix Renews ‘Locke and Key’ for a Second Season

Netflix has just announced that their adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic Locke and Key will receive a second season.

Co-showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill said in an official statement that they are both “…thrilled to be continuing the journey of Locke & Key alongside all of our amazing collaborators.  We are grateful to Netflix for all their support, especially at this difficult time, and look forward to bringing you the exciting next chapter of our story.” read more

The Look of Horror – Checking Out Charlton’s Eeriest Artists

When you consider picking up a horror comic, what’s the first thing that comes to your feverish little mind (after the title character, of course)? Probably who wrote it. Does the writer have a good track record of spine-chilling, blood-curdling tales of menace and mayhem? If so, you’re more likely to give it a read then if the author is a total unknown or he has turned out some clunkers in his time.

That’s all well and good. I’d be the last to say the author and his track record isn’t important; I started out writing horror comics for the late, lamented Charlton Comics line some 40 years ago, and here I am, delving into the same subject matter now (I gotta get a real job someday). read more

Image to Publish New Dracula Graphic Novel ‘Dracula, Motherf**ker’

The classic tale of Count Dracula is getting a new graphic novel treatment by gong back to the past. And just in time for Halloween.

Alex De Campi (Archie vs. Predator) and Erica Henderson (Assassin Nation, Squirrel Girl) have teamed up to create 2020: Dracula: Motherf**ker for Image Comics. Described as “taking place in both 19th-century Vienna and Los Angeles in the year 1974,” the graphic novel is a “twist on the original story”.

The book is due out in comic shops Wednesday, Oct. 7, with a wide bookstore release the following Tuesday, Oct. 13. read more

EC’s Writers, Artists Set Four-Color Stage for Golden Age of Horror Comics

When true fans think of the best of horror comics, the group that is mentioned most (and usually first) in EC Comics. Entertaining Comics (EC) was the brainchild of Max Gaines that, starting in the early 1940s, specialized in illustrated tales of horror, crime, satire, military, dark fantasy and science-fiction.

After Max Gaines’ death in 1947, his son William took over the company and started printing more mature stories, breaking new ground with stories of horror, war, fantasy, science-fiction and adventure. Noted for their high quality and shock endings, these comics were also unique in their socially conscious themes. read more

Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden Reunite for Dark Horse Comics ‘Lady Baltimore’

This summer Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden will return to their popular Dark Horse Comics series Baltimore  for an all-new installment entitled Lady Baltimore. The five-part comic-book series is co-written by Mignola and Golden, with art by Bridgit Connell, colors by Michelle Madsen, and covers by Hugo Award-winning illustrator Abigail Larson.

Via the official Dark Horse Comics press release, Golden described the set up for the new series as starting “…with a bloody trap and rumors of Baltimore’s ghost.  And things only get bloodier and weirder from there.”  Golden went to say that the new series “…is the start of something big and unexpected” and that “The series springs from the pages of the Baltimore comics and novel, but it has a different sensibility and a dynamic new lead protagonist. It’s perfect for new readers, who can start with issue 1 and not miss a beat, while longtime fans will be thrilled to see how the Baltimore mythos evolves, as some familiar faces encounter brand new characters and fresh terrors.” read more

Marvel Turned Horror Into A Super-Hero Gold Mine

All fans of Marvel Comics know the mega-group as a super-hero wonderland. But that wasn’t always the case. In the 1950s and early ’60s, Marvel (born Atlas Comics) was dealing primarily in tales of suspense, adventure, science-fiction and (yes) horror.

The group’s four main anthology titles–Journey Into Mystery, Tales Of Suspense, Amazing Adult Fantasy and Tales to Astonish–dazzled readers with original fantasy tales for years. These titles may seem familiar since they soon introduced the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Ant-Man. But, all these books began their runs with stories more suited for the pages of the classic EC Comics. read more

‘Bloodshot’ Finishes Third at Weakened Box Office

Bloodshot finished in third place at the weekend box office amid ever-growing fears of the global spread of the Corona Virus, leading to the lowest weekend totals since 1995 (when John Carpenter’s Vampires led the pack).

The adaptation of the Valiant comic book character actually met expectations (albeit low expectations) with an estimated $9.3 million this weekend.  Bloodshot’s 31% score on Rotten Tomatoes and B rating on Cinemascore wasn’t enough to tempt more people to venture outside of their homes, but this week’s metrics had little to do with any tickets being sold. read more

‘New Mutants’ and ‘Antlers’ Moved Off Release Schedule

Similar to Paramount’s decision to shift A Quiet Place II to a later date in 2020, Disney followed suit by moving New Mutants, Antlers, and Mulan off of their scheduled release dates.  No new dates have been announced as of yet, but according to Deadline, Disney is “…looking at potential 2020 dates in regards to where the titles would be scheduled next.”

Although these concerns are explicitly related to Coronavirus fears, this will be the fourth time that New Mutants will shift to a new date.  Previously, the film was scheduled to screen on January 11, 2018, March 27, 2018, May 7, 2019, and March 12, 2020.   Antlers was originally scheduled to be released on April 17. read more

‘Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen’ Writer Helen Mullane: The Horror News Network Interview

Helen Mullane’s debut graphic novel Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen carefully walks the line between realism and folk horror in a way that only the best horror stories do.  Mullane’s unique take on the folklore and mythology of Great Britain, told through the eyes of a disaffected teen, slowly works its way towards an explosive ending with many terrifying sign posts along the way.

The fact that this original tale from the legendary Humanoids imprint (the French comic company founded by Moebius in the 1970’s, best known for publishing the precursor to Heavy Metal Magazine, Metal Hurlant) landed just in time for their own revitalization is perfect timing for a new vision and direction for the company, including a place for horror next to their renowned Sci-Fi stories. read more

Terror Times Two – Horror Comic Books, Films Feed Off Each Other

Let’s be honest: We all like to be frightened. That’s why you’re reading this. Whether it’s a good horror story by Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe, or a good comic book or an increasingly bloody (and, at times, sexy) movie.

But have you ever stopped to think of all the connecting threads among the different horror genres? Films have begotten comic books and vice versa. They help each other and we–horror fanatics–benefit from the synergy therein.

Let’s break down this concept into easy reading. This may be an oversimplification, but (for argument’s sake) we have four basic horror categories in comics and film: vampires, werewolves, man-made monsters and zombies. In no particular order, here goes: read more