“Desolation”- Blood and Pain in the Endless Snow

By Jay Kay


“Desolation”- Blood and Pain in the Endless Snow 


Author: Kristopher Rufty

Publisher: Samhain Publishing


“Desolation was an idea I had since 2006. Actually, I woke up from a dream and in the dream I was watching a movie and it was Desolation. It seemed so real.”



Often times life imitates art. We struggle, we celebrate, we deal with wrong doings and we battle what is inside of us. Most people have a darkness in them that we never see, a darkness and a sense of loss that is kept at bay through therapy, family, vice and more. Each of us are different in how we deal with personal pain and events that shape our life. For author Kristopher Rufty, his latest “Samhain Publishing” novel “Desolation” goes deep. “When I started out with “Desolation”, it did not set out to be my most personal book but it did become that. Each character in Desolation has a little bit of me in each one.” read more

Lisa Morton Talks Horror Books and StokerCon

Interview by: Jay Kay

To talk horror writing, the name Lisa Morton is at the top of everyone list including readers, fans, peers, critics and what goes bump in the night! A six time “Bram Stoker Award” winner as well as a recipient of the “Black Quill Award” and a winner of the 2012 Grand Prize from the “Halloween Book Festival”! Lisa started her career as a screenwriter and has completed dozens stories for anthologies, magazines and collections over her distinctive career as well as being a celebrated non-fiction writer with nearly 40 book credits to her name (look them up on A legend in the field, a mentor to many, an authority on Halloween and one of the celebrated voices talking about this years “Stokercon” coming up May 12-15 with me Jay Kay. We were lucky enough to grab Lisa for a few minutes to chat about this event and the impact it has. read more

Horror Children Books that Educate and Scare: 2 Tales that Bridge Horror and Kids

By: Jay Kay


As an educator, as well as a horror journalist, I am always looking for filmmakers, authors and artists who can create viable material to help educate children of different ages as well as introduce horror that keeps these younger fans a part of the dysfunctional family. In two completely different states (Texas and Connecticut) at two very different horror conventions (Texas Frightmare Weekend and CT Horrorfest) and discussing two different topics of child safety, I came upon just that! I came upon it in the storybooks “One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web” by Lee Jordan and “Spooky Train” by Dan Loubier and Brian J. Orlowski. read more

Dark Regions Press Releases ‘Chiral Mad 3’ Featuring Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Chuck Palahniuk & More!

The first Dark Regions Press book to contain a story by Stephen King, Chiral Mad 3 is here on both and Amazon in ebook, trade paperback and deluxe signed hardcover formats!

The third act in the critically-acclaimed series by Written Backwards is a symmetrically-structured anthology of psychological horror by Bram Stoker Award nominated editor Michael Bailey, whose previous anthologies include The Library of the Dead, Qualia Nous and Pellucid Lunacy. The anthology contains 45 illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, over 20 stories by the likes of Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Gary A. Braunbeck, Mort Castle, Josh Malerman, Scott Edelman, Richard Thomas, Richard Chizmar and Gene O’Neill,  and with 20 intertwined poems by the likes of Elizabeth Massie, Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, Erik T. Johnson, Stephanie M. Wytovich, and also includes an introduction by the extraordinary Chuck Palahniuk. read more

Best Horror Reads of 2015

By Jay Kay


Best Horror Reads of 2015 


This past year, I was very lucky to be able to talk live with so many brilliant and creative personalities on my weekly horror radio show, THE HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW. I wanted to pay tribute to a group of specific books and authors that I connected with. Minds and dark spirits that took horror down new twisted paths, brought us on personal journeys, and really sparked something in listeners of their conversations. 

This list contains books that were part of the show in 2015 including subjects of discussions, reviews, and/or the focus of guest conversations on the show live. These seven books made an impact on many levels and with many people! Check them out and enjoy the dark corners of horror literature.  Happy reading and enjoy some of my favorite horror books of this past year…  read more

HWA Announces Contribution to Nonprofit Literacy Organization


HWA Announces Contribution to Nonprofit Literacy Organization


Los Angeles, CA — The Horror Writers Association (HWA), the premier organization of writers and publishers of horror and dark fantasy, today announced a donation to Literacy, Inc., a Louisiana-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing the illiteracy rate in the United States.


The contribution of $5,000 was made possible by funds the HWA receives from the Authors Coalition of America LLC, an association of twenty-two independent authors’ organizations that focuses on repatriating foreign non-title specific royalty payments for American works photocopied abroad. read more

Pus Junkies – Book Review

By: Jay Kay


Pus Junkies – Book Review


Author: Shane McKenzie

Publisher: Eraserhead Press


Imagine your high school years for a moment? The aspect of acceptance, dating, studies, peer pressure and of course adolescence. We all have stories that make us shake our head on what we did during those four years molding us into the people we are today. Memories of our classes, dances, pep rallies, study halls and more flood our minds as we move through life. For author Shane McKenzie, those times imprinted the angst and uncomfortable feel of higher education on his already demented soul. These times are his playground in the spiral of horror literature entitled PUS JUNKIES. read more

‘Christmas Horror’ From Dark Regions Press

Introducing the new annual Dark Regions Press holiday anthology: Christmas Horror. Volume 1 features all new and original stories from authors Joe R. Lansdale, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow, Jeff Strand, J. F. Gonzalez, Stephen Mark Rainey, Nate Southard, Shane McKenzie and (in deluxe hardcover retail editions only) William Meikle. Each story is preceded by a full page/full bleed color illustration by artist Zach McCain.


Table of Contents


“Santa Explains” by Joe R. Lansdale

“The Endless Black of Friday” by Nate Southard read more

DREAD: The Best of Grey Matter Press – Volume One Arrives in March

A unique volume of dark fiction containing stories chosen solely by fans and featuring an array of award-winning authors and masters from the horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction genres, DREAD: The Best of Grey Matter Press – Volume One, will be released in March of 2016.


To commemorate its second anniversary, publisher Grey Matter Press kicks off the year with the publication of the reader curated DREAD, marking the beginning of a twelve-month-long celebration that signals the release of a full complement of novels, novellas and anthologies from the Chicago-based independent publisher of dark fiction. read more

Clive Barker’s ‘The Body Book’ Available from Dark Regions Press

Clive Barker’s latest literary volume is entitled The Body Book and it’s being offered for preorder now in three signed formats from Dark Regions Press at:

Including two of Clive Barker’s classic stories from his groundbreaking collections Books of Blood, “The Body Politic” and “In the Flesh”, exclusive content from the cinematic adaptation of “The Body Politic” and detailed information on the “In the Flesh” film that never came to be, The Body Book will have award-winning filmmaker Mick Garris (Quicksilver Highway, Masters of Horror, The Stand) joining forces with Clive Barker in an effort to bring fans never-before-seen photos, writings, interviews and much more. read more