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Staff writer, Daniel Ramirez, has submitted his latest article: Casual Horror.

If my own house is any indication, casual games are here to stay. I personally am not a big fan of them. While I do find myself running to whatever free games I can download on my phone whenever I find myself waiting at the DMV, I would hardly call them games. They kind of remind me of the old LCD Tiger handheld games they used to sell back in the 80’s. I would see this colorful picture of two tanks going at it, only to get it home and realize my whole game is me in what “kind of” looks like a tank, shooting or dodging a fire ball that sticks to a repeating pattern. Those games were fun for a few minutes but I don’t think anyone who played them thought it added to their “gamer” tag. Yet every night, my fiancé can be found plugging away at “Diner Dash” or “Cooking Quest. “

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Horror games
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