Capcom Offers 4D Virtual Reality Candle Accessory for Resident Evil 7

The folks at Capcom sure have gone out of their way to make us say “Okay, that’s weird!” throughout the production of Resident Evil 7. From the dramatic tonal shift present in its playable teaser demo (similar to the Silent Hills P.T. experience), to the USB stick resembling the demo’s mysterious severed finger that comes packaged with the game’s limited edition collector’s edition release, Capcom wants to keep us in the dark and scratching our heads until the game’s January 24th release date. Less is known about this game than any other Resident Evil game this close to release.

To make things even weirder, Merchoid has begun offering pre-orders for an official blood red Resident Evil 7 “4D virtual reality candle.” You’re supposed to light it and sniff it as you play the game. What’s the scent, you ask?


Not exactly Yankee Candle material, am I right? 

The merchant helpfully suggests, “You might want to open the window after a session with this if you have a date coming round.”

While this candle certainly isn’t for everyone, at the time of this writing the website currently has fewer than five candles left for pre-order. Who knew gamers were so eager to add the sense of smell to their gaming experiences!? With 4K HDR gaming and the proliferation of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, gaming is only going to get more and more realistic. I guess it’s up to the market to decide how real is too real. Who knows… maybe Resident Evil 8 will take a page out of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and it’ll be playable on the empathy box and Penfield Mood Organ!

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John Evans
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