‘Browse’: The Horror News Network Review

by Larry Dwyer

Browse stars Lukas Haas (Inception, Mars Attacks!) as Richard, a quiet office manager coming off a bad breakup who has been swiping around some online dating sites; I won’t say he’s “online dating” because he’s not, he’s just…browsing.

He’s got a dickhead boss, works with a strange IT guy at his job who always appears to be messing with his computer, and his only friends seem to be a real weird cat named Kyle (Bodhi Elfman – Enemy of the State) who works the front desk at the building he lives in and an unnamed redhead played by Sarah Rafferty (Suits) whose job Richard keeps trying to save.

One night while on the dating app, he comes across an absolute stunner named Veronica (Chloe Bridges – The Final Girls) and they get to chatting. They agree to meet up but she’s a no-show. When he tries to get back in touch with her, things start to get weird. She blocks him on the app and then the cops show up at his house to announce that she’s asked to file a restraining order.

Then other mysterious occurrences begin…his credit cards are declined, passwords stop working, his ex Roxy (Jocelin Donahue – Doctor Sleep, The House of the Devil) accuses him of constantly prank calling her, and more. Richard becomes angry and confused as he believes someone is deliberately trying to ruin his life and he doesn’t know who or why.

And neither do we.

Browse kind of never gets there. There’s really no beginning or end to this film; it’s more just a long second act. Have you even been clicking around the television and landed on something you’ve never seen that was already halfway done and then you also miss the end? So you only saw the middle? Yeah…like that.

That’s not to say that there are no redeeming qualities here. It’s a fine performance from Lukas Haas who I’ve been a fan of since he played Ryan White in the made-for-tv film all those years ago as well as Bodhi Elfman as Kyle, the friend who can’t seem to remember to pass on any important information to Richard. And also a good performance by Sarah Rafferty whose role could/should have probably been larger.

Browse just seems to end before it ever really gets going.

Check the trailer below and catch Browse on your streaming apps starting on July 7th.

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