Batman Dark Knight Joker HD Masterpiece Action Figure

We have a preview of an upcoming KILLER figure of the Joker. Fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies will be delighted with the incredible amount of detail that this figure contains. The Batman Dark Knight Joker HD Masterpiece Action Figure features Heath Ledger's portrayal of the sadistic Joker at 1:4 scale, with more than 30 points of articulation and a wide array of advanced components and accessories. The Enterbay Joker HD Masterpiece action figure is wearing a movie-accurate signature costume featuring the purple velvet coat with a removable holder for grenades, a grey blazer, green waistcoat, purple pants, a pair of braces, patterned purple shirt, and a green tie, plus, the Joker also comes with 11 interchangeable hands – 8 of them with gloves – along with 11 poker cards in the 1:4 scale. But that's not all! The Joker also comes with exciting movie-accurate weapons including an RPG Launcher, 5 grenades with 2 styles in 3 different colors, a knife, a Glock 17 pistol, and an M76 machine gun. This figure also comes with a Joker figurine stand.

Check out the Batman Dark Knight Joker HD Masterpiece Action Figure.

The Joker statue
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