Bates Motel: Season 4 – Episode 5 Recap

Recap by: Lady Bastard

Bates Motel – Season 4, Episode 5: Refraction

Synopsis: Norman plays make-believe; Romero wears his heart on his sleeve; Norma meets her bizarro self

Overview:  Norma is troubled over the ransacking, but Romero nonchalantly takes the blame and calls it a nonthreatening nuisance.  Romero quietly confronts bank lady Rebecca and warns her to stay away from his home and wife. He tells her that the DEA is snooping around about her money laundering.  He lies again when she begs him for the second key to Bob Paris’ safe deposit box.  When Norma asks Romero if he learned anything about the home invasion, he tells her, “It’s handled.” When she point-blank asks him if he killed Paris, she overwhelmingly discovers that he will do anything to keep her safe.

Norma heads to the hardware store in hopes of repairing her favorite stained glass window smashed during the break-in. Chick Hogan overhears her request and later visits the house pretending to be a repairman.  When he lets Norma know that he was a neighbor of Dylan, the conversation leads to Caleb.  Hogan returns with a window design and leaves with an ultimatum for Norma to give up Caleb’s whereabouts.  He admits he wants to kill Caleb out of revenge and emotionally tortures Norma for not wanting the same demise for her rapist.

Dylan brings Emma back home from the hospital. He interviews for a job in Seattle in anticipation of moving there and tells the boss the truth about his past in the pot trade. Emma is embarrassed by her monster scar so Dylan plays show and tell with his own wounds.

After his scare at the strip club, Norman dives head first into his therapy. He shares his documented thoughts with Dr. Edwards and struggles to keep steady when asked about his father.   He describes Norma as hopeful and how it has never been a burden to look after her once she was widowed.  Norman asks to make a call to his friend Emma who is recovering from a lung transplant.  When his request is granted, he instead leaves a message on Norma’s cell phone, apologizing and professing his love through tears.  After encountering a lobotomized Julian, Norman is visited by Imaginary Norma while walking in the gardens. She encourages him to prove he is ready to be released. During his next session, Norman talks about his visit with his mother and is enraged when Dr. Edwards declares it was all in his head.   The good doctor calms him down just as he transitions into Mother.  She flirts and ridicules Edwards before agreeing to talk about the boy that she knows best.  Before leaving for the night, Edwards asks to see Norman again. He confirms the blackout and promises to help him.

Opinion: Sinking feeling here that Romero’s love blindness is going to bite him in the ass soon.  Then again, he might just get angry…that naughty, curt kinda angry.  Pretty excited to see Chick Hogan back; he’s a crazy emmer effer. And shame on the powers-that-be for stating the obvious – as soon as Norman turned away from beating down Dr. Edwards door, we KNEW he was Norma.

Keeping the Creepy Score:  2 – While the soul of the “Keeping the Creepy Score” exists in the inappropriateness of mother and son, I’m tempted to rate the creepiness of Norma when channeled through Norman’s body.  The pseudo-seduction of Dr. Edwards was fetching, especially with Norma’s knowledge that the doc doesn’t like girls. 

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