Bates Motel: Season 4 – Episode 2 Recap

Recap by – Lady Bastard


“Goodnight, Mother”


Synopsis: Norman and Norma see each other in a new light; Romero commits to the Bates family; Dylan takes Emma’s breath away


Summary (with SPOILERS): In his mind’s eye, Norman sees Norma murder Mrs. DeCody. Norman deduces that his mother is the crazy killer, not him. He becomes more convinced that Norma has been solely responsible for all of the mayhem for which he has been blamed.  He remains calm in his realization and continuously tells Norma that she must come clean so that he can take charge and get her the help she needs. He is so convinced of her guilt that he envisions his father confirming Norma’s dark side: “You must control her, Norman, before she destroys you.”


Norma tries to keep up her lies long enough to get Norman into Pineview. She repeatedly dismisses his questions and lies to Romero about how psychotic Norman has become.  When Romero notices how distraught she is, he buys Norman a spot at Pineview and agrees to marry Norma so his insurance will cover the rest of Norman’s treatment.  Romero has Pineview fax the consent forms to the motel office just as Norman is checking in new guests.


Norman confronts his mother and tells her that he saw her kill Mrs. DeCody and that he thinks she killed Bradley Martin, Blair Watson and his father.  Norma runs upstairs terrified and looks for the gun that Norman is already holding.  She tries to seduce the gun from his hands but is ultimately pushed away. She locks herself in another room and leaves a panicked voicemail for Romero. After a spell of silence, Norma searches the dark house for Norman and finds him in the basement.  He insinuates that a murder-suicide would be the only way they could find peace together just as Romero busts into the house.  As he takes Norman away, Norma runs after them and convinces Norman to sign the Pineview consent papers so that he won’t have to go back to the wretched county hospital.  Norman quietly complies.


Opinion: Wow. Just wow. Of the 32 episodes aired to date, this is the most complete and suspenseful of them all. It is the true turning point in the saga of Norman and his mother.  Norman, Norma and Romero each transition from wavering to committed in fabulous form.  Freddie Highmore reaches new levels and has matured into the Norman Bates we’ve been waiting to meet.  (Oh…Emma’s dad tells Dylan to stop growing pot, Emma breathes on her own, and Dylan and Emma sniff each other’s butts.)


“Keeping the Creepy” Score: 4 –  Making out with your kid so he’ll give up the gun? Part survival instinct, part creepy. Almost giving up the gun to your mom sucking your face? All creepy. 

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