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Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Interview with a Vampire!

10. The original novel includes a scene where Lestat appears in the tunnels under the Theater des Vampires in Paris, to confront Louis immediately after Claudia’s death.       This scene was filmed with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, but was cut from the final film.

9. An animatronic Lestat was used during the shot where Lestat is bleeding on the floor, after having had his throat cut by Claudia.

8. While the production was filming in London, Brad Pitt stayed in a house which used to be owned by Peter Cushing. read more read more

Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Silver Bullet!

10. The bar that the mob gathers in before searching for the werewolf is called “Owen’s Bar”. Stephen King has a son named Owen.

9.  Early drafts of the film’s script, including the pressbook release, stated that the werewolf speaks. In the actual film itself, the werewolf does not speak at any      time.

8.  Don Coscarelli was scheduled to direct but left over creative differences with Dino De Laurentiis.

7.  Complete construction of the werewolf costume took three months. After finalization of the shape and design, using three-dimensional clay heads, the entire costume was made of foam and polyurethane and was covered with actual bear hair. The head of the costume was mechanically operated by six people from a distance of up to thirty feet away.
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Ten Things You Might Not Know About … The Monster Squad!

10. Near the start of the movie the plane where Dracula first appears has “Browning” written on the side. This a nod to director Tod Browning who directed 1931’s “Dracula”

9.  There is a poster for the Lucio Fulci film Zombie visible in the background of the club house.

8.  Dustin Diamond had a small role as a kid who tries to trade baseball cards with the boys, but this was later cut.

7.  There are at least two versions of Michael Sembello’s end-credit song. In some versions, dating back to VHS release days, there is a lyric referring to “..the creature           swimmin’ in the pool”. As of 2007, in the recent HD cable release, this is replaced simply by “..the Creature From The Black Lagoon”. read more read more

Teaser Trailer for Dark Fantasy Novel The Catcher’s Trap

A young man is kidnapped into a world where supernatural beings have enslaved humans. This is the origin story of a hero born out of the darkest struggle of the human soul.

“The Catcher’s Trap is a unique achievement in the fantastique genre. Although the fantasy aspects of the novel are darkly imaginative and strikingly creative, it is the elements of realism (the characters, the dialogue, the dramatic tension) that make the novel a life-affirming triumph, a gaze into the abyss that enlivens rather than defeats.” read more read more

Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Last House on the Left!

10. Director Wes Craven’s son plays the little boy who has his balloon popped by Krug Stillo’s cigar.

9. Producer Sean S. Cunningham’s station wagon is used when Lucy Grantham and Sandra Peabody are driving in the beginning

8. Two future Friday the 13th directors worked on this film: Sean S. Cunningham and Steve Miner

7. The house the Collingwoods live in was owned by producer Sean S. Cunningham’s parents

6. According to director Wes Craven, the crew set up a special editing office to restore prints returned from cinemas because “every one would come back chopped up by theater owners” read more read more

Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Se7en!

10.  Sloth is the third deadly sin, the sloth victim is found in a 3rd floor apartment.The apartment of Mills is 5a. The 5th deadly sin is Wrath which is the sin that Mills becomes at the climax of the film.
9.  R. Lee Ermey originally auditioned for the part of John Doe. After the part was given to Kevin Spacey, Ermey was offered, and took, the part of the police captain.
8.  One of the re-written endings of the film involved Somerset discovering that John Doe was raised by an abusive priest in a church orphanage. Doe kidnaps Mills and lures Somerset to a decrepit church decorated with artwork depicting the Seven Deadly Sins, intent on making Somerset murder him out of vengeance. Instead, Doe and Somerset engage in a shootout, and Somerset lawfully kills Doe after Mills is killed during a struggle with Doe.
7.  R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe was once considered for the Kevin Spacey role of John Doe.
6.  When filming the ‘sloth’ victim scene, the SWAT officers were not told that the victim was still alive. When the victim coughs and scares the SWAT officers, that reaction is real.
5.  The ending narration of Somerset quoting Ernest Hemingway was an added compromise that neither David Fincher or Morgan Freeman particularly cared for. The decision came from New Line after poor test screenings regarding the dark ending.
4.  Even though he’s probably one of the most horrifying and sadistic killers in cinematic history, John Doe isn’t seen killing anyone on screen.
3.  At exactly 7 minutes into the film, Mills gets a call that starts the seven murders. With exactly 7 minutes left of the film, Somerset says to a distraught Mills: “he will win,” regarding John Doe.
2.  Christina Applegate turned down the role of Tracey.
1.  For the gluttony scene, seven crates of cockroaches were released on the set and poured on Bob Mack who plays the gluttony victim. Something had to be put in Mack’s ears and nose to stop the cockroaches from crawling in, however, that didn’t stop them from going into his underwear.
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Ten Things You Might Not Know About … John Carpenter’s Vampires!

10. Director Frank Darabont has a cameo as the Man With Buick, whose car is stolen by Daniel Baldwin.

9.  Was originally going to be directed by Russell Mulcahy and action-star Dolph Lundgren was being eyed for the lead.

8.  The symbol on the necklace that Daniel Baldwin wears in the movie is the Nordic rune meaning “Protector”.

7.  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was unhappy with his role in the film. He tried speaking to Carpenter several times about his character’s back story and motivation, but Carpenter      rebuffed him. This left Tagawa feeling like he was little more than a glorified stuntman. read more read more

Pre-Order New Dark Fantasy Novel The Catcher’s Trap

The Catcher’s Trap by  Ricardo Henriquez is a dark fantasy novel concerning a young man who is kidnapped and brought to a world where supernatural beings have enslaved humans.  Henriquez’s prose combines the terror of existence with the hope for freedom and awareness. The Catcher’s Trap transforms the tropes of fantasy and horror into an experience that transcends those genres, creating that rare original achievement that lingers in the mind, heart, and soul. 
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Ten Things You Might Not Know About … From Dusk till Dawn!

10. Even though the character of Earl McGraw (Michael Parks) is killed in this film, Parks played the role again in the films Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Death Proof, and Planet Terror

9. There was a special makeup effect in which one of the stripper-vampires has her stomach open into a large mouth. She shoves a bar attendant’s head into the large mouth, and bites it off. The effect was so graphic that Quentin Tarantino didn’t even want to see it read more

Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Sinister!

10. Ethan Hawke had never seen the super 8 snuff films prior to the date of filming Sinister. When the scene where his character watches the snuff films was ready to be recorded, the soundtrack was matched up with the films and Hawke played out his role. His reactions to the films were recorded for Sinister and used in the final film

9. Ethan Hawke’s character got his name (Ellison Oswalt) from writer Harlan Ellison and comedian/writer Patton Oswalt. read more