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The Walking Dead Interview with Lauren Cohan

HorrorNewsNetwork’s Sr. Editor, Christine Caprilozzi, recently caught up with Lauren Cohan from “The Walking Dead” to discuss Season 3, as well as “Maggie’s” transformation from farm girl to zombie killer.

Horror News Network: First off, let’s talk a bit about the change in “Maggie” Last season she was introduced as sort of the “farm girl”/”loyal daughter.” This season she is just an ass-kicking machine. How has that been for you to see the development of this character that you embody?

Lauren Cohan: It actually felt like a natural progression I think because the change of environment. Maggie’s always been a capable person and being on the road like that. It’s been an awesome season just with the cohesion with the great and just being out there off the farm obviously isn’t good. However, it’s made them a much stronger and different group.


Horror News Network: Maggie has taken a bigger role within the group. This season has been a little more intense on a human level. One of the more intense episodes, where Maggie delivers Lori’s baby, was one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen. There were not zombies involved, but the scene where the baby is delivered, and Rick sees Maggie come out with the baby was very emotional. Everyone was on their “A” game acting wise. What was that day like on the set?

Lauren Cohan: It was a really quiet and sad kind of day. As you say, everyone really was on their game and we were extremely focused. There were so many different elements. Even as far as FX and Sarah’s modesty to consider. We have me and Sarah in a private place shooting this intense scene, and then we have a live baby in the scene, There was so much that went into shooting it with all the cameras and the FX, especially with the FX with all that comes with childbirth. It was very serious, especially for the three of us in that scene (Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs). I mean those are two of my biggest heroes. I’m very proud to be on such a great acting team.


Horror News Network: As far as Chandler Rigg’s performance as Carl in that moment, as really just a kid, he really did such an outstanding job.

Lauren Cohan: Definitely. That’s not an easy scene for a kid to play out, and I think he did just an amazing job. Especially the scene where he comes out and you see his face of steel and he just walks right by Maggie and the baby.


Horror News Network: Another really intense scene from this season was when the Governor questions Maggie, and threatens to rape her. As a woman, this wouldn’t be anything brutal do to anything “zombie related,” this is a very real crime against another person. How was that to shoot?

Lauren Cohan: I think that’s another really interesting part of this season is bringing those other human elements into it. Those are things that people obviously do worry about if we see the world’s demise. It introduces the danger of other humans and just lawlessness.

To me it makes total sense that scene would be in there . There would be people, like the Governor, seeing it as an opportunity to take total control. The same rules don’t apply in their world. In this world, what makes people powerful is security, money, political games they play. In the “Walking Dead” world it’s all about people playing games and manipulation. Yeah, it was a pretty disturbing scene to shoot because you want to disturb and scare people when they watch it. Outside of that, it was really nonchalant because of how close we all are on the set. David Morrissey is really quite the opposite of that character, he’s just a really, really kind person. It was good though” I had my kimono standing by.


Horror News Network: I think that’s one aspect that differentiates this season from previous seasons. It used to be mostly about surviving “walkers,” where now it’s about surviving other humans. The situations have become dire. One thing that remains is the bond between Maggie Glenn, which is very strong. How do you see that progressing or play out?

Lauren Cohan: I do see them taking more of a leadership role as the show progresses because they do work well together. They have learned a huge lesson from this situation where they were kidnapped and then the captors trying to use them against each other. I think that’s only going to make them stronger and be able to help lead the group. I think we’ve seen everyone on the show go through this mental tribulation, so we see this group that will never be the same. I think there’s no going back from here. Maggie and Glenn are a pretty tough couple in their strength and in their commitment to each other. If we are away to get away from the Governor, I see a bright future for Maggie and Glenn.


Horror News Network: I have to ask about your accent. You have this lovely British accent in real life. How do you conjure up that strong southern accent?

Lauren Cohan: I love the southern accent, it’s my absolute favorite to play. I always wanted to play a Southerner. So, I think this was just waiting in the wings for me. It’s more relaxing. I think you’re a better listener when you have a southern accent. It’s something about the South. I love shooting in Atlanta, living in Atlanta, and that helps.


Horror News Network: The cast is on set all the time in Atlanta, and you’ve played on other TV shows. What sets the cast of “The Walking Dead” apart from your previous experiences?

Lauren Cohan: Anytime you spend a lot of time with people and something is a success it turns out there’s a chemistry that really works. It’s a chemistry with the cast, crew, and producers. We’re just all in synch with each other.

I’ve had other experiences, but as an actor you get to go to exotic places, and then the shoot ends. It’s almost like starting a new school every 3 month. On “The Walking Dead” there’ not pretenses we’ve all been there and seen each other sobbing our guts out, screaming, angry, all the trials and tribulations, and even tripping over our own shoelaces. We genuinely like each other.


Horror News Network: With the nature of a zombie apocalypse, do you ever get nervous opening a new script?

Lauren Cohan: No. We actually DO get forewarned about what’s going to happen. Of course, you don’t want to die, but you know if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen for a good reason. You know it’s going to make for a great story and a great surprise for the audience.


Horror News Network: What can viewers expect on February 10th from the mid-season premiere?

Lauren Cohan: Well, I can’t give any spoilers, but it’s going to be very, very exciting!






Horror News Network: Thanks so much for your time Lauren!

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Horror Artist Daniel Mercer Talks About His Craft


Sr. Editor, Christine Caprilozzi recently caught up with horror/heavy metal artist, Daniel Mercer to discuss the different mediums of his art.

Horror News Network:  Your art is very versatile, from gloomy goth, to a very classic horror style.  Who or what influenced you as an artist growing up developing your talents?

Daniel Mercer:  Thanks! I definitely grew up exposed to lots of artistic styles & subjects considering that my mom, sister and aunt are are all incredible artists. My influences are really a weird mix of unrelated things I guess. At an early age I became obsessed with the old renaissance artists like Da Vinci & Michelangelo but at the same time I also loved the dark styles of 90’s comic book artists like Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, and Jae Lee. I think music also plays a part in the influence as well, especially my obsession with album art, which might be why I find myself doing artwork for some of the bands that I loved as a kid back in the early 90’s. G&R’s Appetite for Destruction has that incredible insert by Robert Williams, Metallica always had those cool skull designs by artist Pushead, White Zombie’ La Sexorcisto and Astro Creep: 2000 have those mind-blowing fold-out inserts all drawn by Rob Zombie himself, the list goes on… Basically I’ve always enjoyed drawing various subjects but horror and hard rock art are probably the most entertaining for me at this point. Learning different styles of drawing also keeps it interesting & enjoyable and can help you to be a more marketable artist as well.


Horror News Network:  You’ve worked with different mediums, and different types of artists. Is it easy as an artist to adapt your style, but leave your own mark in there?

Daniel Mercer: Sure, I think leaving your mark just comes naturally without having to really try for it once you’ve figured out who you are as an artist and what mediums you’re best with. After that, adapting your style just involves doing a little research on who you’re designing for and what they like (if you don’t already know). Find out what they’re really about and then give it to ‘em – your mark will hopefully establish itself naturally.


Horror News Network:  How did you start working with Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, and on the “Total Skullz” t-shirt line?

Daniel Mercer: In late 2011 I won first place in the Zombie’s Total Skull art contest with my “Winged Death” design. Originally, the winner of the contest was to receive a signed RZ comic book etc. but Rob’s wife Sheri was so impressed with my portrait of her that they decided to produce it along with my “Skull N’ Bolts” design for their t-shirt sales. Both designs quickly landed spots in the Best Sellers category and was the first and only time in the 6 year history of Total Skull that the Zombie’s reached outside of their merchandising company for t-shirt designs – pretty cool! Soon after I was asked to design a Halloween header for their www.TotalSkull.com website and a logo for their “Happy Halloween” promo video.

RobZombie.com also recently highlighted my new “Rob Zombie: Lords of Salem” artwork for the UK’s Shock Horror Magazine cover which was also very cool! Check the article out at http://robzombie.com/2012/12/shock-horror-magazine-features-rob-zombie-exclusive-interview-and-zombie-cover-art-by-daniel-mercer/!

I’m certainly grateful to the Zombie’s and their management for the opportunities, especially since Zombie has been in my CD/tape player for 20+ years since the White Zombie days. And through these dealings I’ve also come in contact with some really cool & talented people – Kenny Caperton from www.MyersHouseNC.com (Total Skull’s former web manager who wrote an incredible script for a stop-motion project that I’m currently working on titled “Skeleton Kid”). Also Rob Zombie’s very talented web manager Emma Page of Nineteen76-Designs (http://www.facebook.com/1976designs), who has really turned RobZombie.com into an awesome website with all of the extras, special features and updates. They’ve both been really great with their support as well!


Horror News Network: How is it adapting your art to a clothing line?

Daniel Mercer: It’s great! When creating designs for clothing it’s just a basic rule that you should put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: “Would I buy that? Would I wear that? How can I make it look even better than the other stuff that’s out there?”.


Horror News Network:  Have you always been a horror fan?

Daniel Mercer:  Yeah, definitely! Being very young kids back in the early 80’s my sister & I religiously watched Scooby-Doo, Addams Family & Munsters – great times! Also Salem’s Lot, Troll 2 (scary in all the wrong ways, Ha!), and Nightmare On Elm Street were a few of our favorites back then. My mom enjoyed the old classics from her childhood like Creature from the Black Lagoon & Frankenstein, so we watched those as well. And my elementary school library also had those awesome 70’s Crestwood Monster books (the orange hardcovers with all of the classic monsters). The librarian finally banned me from checking them out after a few months of hoarding them – Ha!


Horror News Network:  What’s your favorite piece that you’ve created or are most proud of?

Daniel Mercer:  I really like the Sheri Moon Zombie “Winged Death” t-shirt design. And, more recently, the “Rob Zombie: Lords of Salem” cover for www.ShockHorrorMagazine.com. I’m also extremely excited to be working on some designs for the band Ugly Kid Joe! Hopefully this new art will become official in early 2013. UKJ just finished touring in the U.K. with Alice Cooper, Motorhead, and Duff McKagan’s new band Loaded! They’re incredible old school hard rockers and definitely one of my favorite bands of all time! Check them out if you haven’t & keep an eye out for the new designs on my webpages soon!


Horror News Network:  Where can people check out more of your artwork and about you?

Daniel Mercer:  http://www.facebook.com/DanielMercerArtFanPage


http://www.DanielMercerArt  (under construction at the moment)

Thanks so much for inviting me on Horror News Network!  You guys are awesome!


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Twenty Year Retrospective of Candyman with Virginia Madsen

HorrorNewsNetwork’s  Sr. Editor, Christine Caprilozzi, spoke with Virginia Madsen to look back on the 20th Anniversary of horror classic  “Candyman.” 

Horror News Network: You have been in, of course, a lot of movies throughout your career.  However, “Candyman” stands out as a classic for horror fans.  When you look back on the film, what are your thoughts about it now in retrospect?


Virginia Madsen:  More people recognize me from that movie than anything I’ve done. It means a lot to me. It was after years of struggling.  As an actor, you always want a film that’s annual, like “It’s a Wonderful life,” or “A Christmas Story.” I just love that I have a Halloween movie. Now it’s kind of legend this story.  People have watched it since they were kids, and every Halloween it’s on, and they watch it now with their kids.  That means a lot to me. The place I get recognized the most is the airport security for some reason. Every person in airport security has seen “Candyman.” HA! Maybe it makes them a little afraid of me.


The movie really does leave an indelible mark.  The images in this film were created very purposely by the director, Bernard Rose.  For example, the image of “Helen” looking in the mirror like “Alice in Wonderland” in the looking glass, or being in the bathtub alone at night, or the fear of going into a housing project at night are ones that stay with you. They’re lasting like images from other great horror films like “The Shining.”  Clive Barker creates these images that just work so well in horror films. 


People love horror.  It’s things that go bump in the night, the evil clown that’s a bit off, or the man that sneaks into your room and chokes you to death at night are really terrifying on a very primitive level.


Horror News Network:  How did the role come about for you?


Virginia Madsen:  I was actually very good friends with Bernard and his wife Alexandra.  She is a wonderful actress, who actually brought Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden” to her husband. She thought this would be a great film, and he could direct her.  She was supposed to be Helen.  I was going to play the part of Kasi Lemmon, until they made the character African American.  Then I was out.


Right before shooting, Alexandra found out she was pregnant. It was great for me, but it was so sad for her because this was her role, she found this story and really wanted it.  So, when I was asked to step in I felt like “I can’t take my friend’s role.”  She actually came over one day and said “it would just kill me to see someone else play this role, you HAVE to be the one who plays it.”  So with her blessing I took on the role. I really tried to work my butt of just to honor her.


Horror News Network: The character of “Helen” isn’t the stereotypical female horror victim.  She’s very smart, empowered and in the end, becomes the one to fear.  How did you feel about that aspect?


Virginia Madsen:  No, the typical female horror victim runs upstairs to the attic, where she’s obviously not supposed to. 


Since I was a child I’ve always been a fan of the genre, and was never able to find a good role, especially for a female. I loved that she was smart, and a strong independent woman, yet the power of love could weaken her. It’s hard to find a very strong female character in general when you’re young and blonde, not many are three dimensional. This was great, I got to cut off my hair, Bernie made me put on 10-15 pounds to, as he said, “look like a normal woman.”  So I didn’t have to be a vixen, I got to be a real leading lady. 


Horror News Network: I know a lot of female horror fans love that aspect of “Candyman” that it’s not the typical topless female being chased around like many films are today.


Virginia Madsen:  No. I feel as if the horror genre has been almost hijacked, and hijacked by women being sadistically tortured raped and murdered. To me there’s not horror, some are borderline snuff films.  I know people are always going to try to push the envelope, but I think it’s a trend that will come to an end. I think we’re starting to see less and less of those films because people are starting to look for more intelligent horror films. 


The one horror movie that I really like is “Let Me In.” It’s actually a beautiful movie, really excellent and well done. 


Horror News Network:  I have to ask about the iconic “Bee scene.”  What was that like to shoot? 


Virginia Madsen:  Yeah, there was no CGI, those bees were REAL! I happen to be very allergic to bees. When Bernie was first asking me to do the role I said, “well, I can’t I’m allergic to bees.”  He said “No you’re not allergic to bees you’re just afraid.”  So I had to go to UCLA and get tested because he didn’t believe.  I was tested of every kind of venom.  I was far more allergic to wasps. So he said “We’ll just paramedics there, it will be fine!”  You know actors, we’ll do anything for a paycheck HA! So fine I’ll be covered with bees.


So we a had a be wrangler and he pretty much told us you can’t freak out around the bees, or be nervous or swat at then, it would just aggravate them. They used baby bees on me. They can still sting you, but are less likely. When they out the bees on me it was crazy because they have fur.  They felt like little Q-tips roaming around on me. Then you have fermones on you, so they’re all I n love with you and think you’re a giant queen.  I really just had to go into this zen sort of place and the takes were very short. What took the longest was getting the bees off of us. They had this tiny “bee vacuum” which wouldn’t harm the bees. After the scene where the bees were all over my face and my head, it took both Tony and I 45 minutes just to get the bees off. That’s when it became difficult to sit still. It was cool though, I felt like a total badass doing it. 


Tony got stung. He actually got stung a few times. He had baby bees and flying bees. He also had fake blood, which is basically chocolate syrup so it’s sweet, so they would be all over trying to get to the fake blood.  One day he was stung four times just in that one day. 


Horror News Network:  What was it like working with Tony Todd, especially in some of the more intense scenes?


Virginia Madsen: Well we shot it in three different locations. When we shot the interior scene of the fire, it was done in a special structure that wouldn’t cave in on us. They were extremely careful.  It was excellent because Tony was just towering above me, he’s a very tall, big, strong man. So there was no doubt that if anything happened, he would carry em out of there without breaking a sweat. He was very protective.  


Tony is such a poetic handsome man, and even his voice is beautiful.  He’s such a gentle giant, I just loved playing opposite of him.


Ultimately, it was ultimately a very beautiful love story. They originally wanted us all to do “Candyman 2,” but they didn’t, like Bernie’s idea for the sequel.  They made Candyman into a slave, which was terrible because Candyman was educated and raised a free man.


Bernie wanted to make him like an African American Dracula, which I think it was so appealing to the African American community because they had finally their own Dracula.


Candyman was a poet and smart, wasn’t really a monster, sort of that classical figure.


Horror News Network: It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the release of “Candyman.” Why do you think it has such staying power with many horror fans do you think because of the empowerment aspect for women and minorities?


Virginia Madsen:  Well, Bernie thought there would be more discussion of racism that came out of this movie. Like this blonde woman I’d “the great white hope” who goes in and saves the day and the little black baby. He wanted this to be thought provoking and start discussions.  He also brought into the question the idea of “Are you black enough?”  Like when “Kasi” and I go into the projects, I’m the one who’s cool and unafraid and she’s the one who’s cowering.  She was looked at by “Vanessa” as “white.”  There was a great discussion between those two in real life about it.  We were all waiting for the conversation about racism to come up, which it didn’t.  This was fascinating to Bernie because he is British and very brash, and very intrigues by the history of racism in America.  It was almost like people hide from those discussions. 


The sequel that Bernie wanted to make was a prequel where you see Candyman and Helen fall in love, etc. It was turned down because the studio didn’t want to do an inert racial love story. I mean seriously!  I guess it was a different time.


Horror News Network:  What are you currently working on?


Virginia Madsen:  Just did about 4 Indie flicks in a row.  One coming out in March called  “Crazy Kind of Love.”  Fingers crossed the other films make it out there.


Horror News Network:  Thanks so much Virginia, we appreciate your time.


Virginia Madsen:  Thank you! I had a great time making the movie and I’ve always been proud of it.  I’m very moved and grateful it’s had such a long life.






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Killogy #2 review

The prison cell walls are closing in fast on our all-star cast, which features original characters based on the likenesses of Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, the Sopranos), Marky Ramone (The Ramones) and Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter). The unlikely trio quickly discovers that they are no longer alone in the abandoned police station and Marky Ramone is forced to take matters into his own hands… and in his hands is his trusty baseball bat! Read the review by Senior Editor, Christine Caprilozzi below.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D interview with Bill Moseley

Horror News Network’s  Sr. Editor, Christine Caprilozzi, recently chatted with Bill Moseley about revisiting his “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” roots, as well as his prolific career in horror.

Horror News Network:  First off, let’s talk a bit about the upcoming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.”  Since you are part of the rich Texas Chainsaw legacy with your role in TCM 2 in 1986, what was it like revisiting this storyline & the “family”?


Bill Moseley:  It was great to be a part of “Chainsaw,” I had worked with the producer Carl Mazzocone on both “Repo the Genetic Opera,” and on the “Tortured.”  When I found out he was going to be doing a reboot of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” I asked if I could join in on the story pitch.  I went in with an outline and a treatment and pitched it to Lionsgate.  It was very well received, but was second choice.  I told Carl I’d still like to participate, one way or another. Due to licensing issues, there wasn’t an option to put “ChopTop” in the script, only characters from the original. Due to the death of the great Jim Siedow, who played “Drayton,” the cook in 1 and 2, they were looking for someone to fill that role and Carl offered it to me.  I just jumped at it.


Horror News Network:  I was actually going to ask about that, and how it came about. How was playing “Drayton” compared to “Chop Top?”  I mean “Drayton” was the brother cooking up the dinner.


Bill Moseley:  That is correct. There are many theories about this.  Many people thought “Drayton” was the father.  In my humble, yet experienced opinion, “Drayton” was the oldest brother.  The way the family shapes up is there are grandma and grandpa, no parents. Then there’s the twins “ChopTop” and “the Hitchhiker.”  The baby of course was “Leatherface.”


Playing Drayton was very interesting because what they wanted me to do was imitate Jim Siedow, his look and mannerisms. I not only had a chance to work with Jim Siedow, but we were great pals over the years. I just loved Jim. So the idea of playing him was exciting to me, not just in terms of playing a “part,” but also to sort of honor his legacy. The hard part was trying to imitate Jim. He carries himself differently and has some quirks and moves in a quirky way. I did the best I could to honor Jim, and I certainly hope I didn’t embarrass him.


Horror News Network: This is 26 years after playing “ChopTop” in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.”  How do you feel this reboot compares to the rest in the Texas Chainsaw franchise? What can horror fans expect, especially since there are so many people from the original “Chainsaw” family involved in the production?


Bill Moseley:  Well we’ll have to see what John Luessonhop has cooked up.  Obviously, the use of the “3D” process is tip of the hat to modern times and what’s going on in filmmaking right now. When I first got down to Bossier City, Louisiana, which is where we shot the movie, I saw Carl (Mazzacone) had ordered an exact replica of the original Sawyer family house.  When I first saw it, it was really amazing to see the Sawyer house so painstakingly accurate. I did have a moment in between shots, where I was lying on the floor just inside the front door by the stairs. It was 104 degrees, 90% humidity, and I was covered in sweat, blood and feathers. I remember looking down towards the sliding steel doors. I just remember lying there in the crew’s way, just having this moment thinking “holy shit, this is really happening.”  It was really amazing to me that after 26 years I was back.  It has a special meaning for me because this is where my career began. I was thinking really how “ChopTop and the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” totally transformed my life. I guess it was like one of those outer body experiences.


Horror News Network:  Speaking of your career, you really seem to be one of the hardest working men in horror. You’ve been in numerous movies, as well as a recurring role on “Holliston.”  What keeps drawing you back in to the horror genre?


Bill Moseley:  Well, I think it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once I played “ChopTop and made a splash with that character, that got the attention of the horror fans and the horror community. The next big job I got was through Tom Savini, who was tapped to directed remake of “Night of the Living Dead” by George Romero. I was one of the first people he called on, since we worked together on “Texas Chainsaw 2.”  I picked the part of Johnnie, really because really it had more lines.  I’ve been worked outside the genre like in “Pink Cadillac with Clint Eastwood, and a Disney film called “White Fang.” But I have a lot of fun with horror and grew up a horror fan. I think it just comes naturally to me because I really enjoy it.


Horror News Network:  Over the years, you’ve have a wide range of roles.  As you know the horror community is such a hardcore group of people and you’ve played some very memorable characters like “ChopTop”, “Otis,” and even Luigi in “Repo!The Genetic Opera.”


Bill Moseley: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of horror and it is a very unique group that is attracted to the horror genre.  Some people used to make them because they thought that was the easiest film to make.  Just go out there get some ketchup and get some screaming girls, and it used to be a great place for a filmmaker to start. But there’s also that cynical perspective where some producers have the mindset of “who cares, as long as it’s scary, kids will eat it up.”  If you get through all the cynicism and capitalism, the talented people do rise to the top like George Romero, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie, Darren Bousman, Guillermo Del Toro, and Eli Roth.  These are people who have created these very cool personalities and characters who are very dark and interesting.


Horror News Network: You really have become a horror icon with these roles.  How do you feel when people refer to you as a “horror icon”?


Bill Moseley:  I certainly think of it as a compliment, but I take it with a grain of salt because I see an “icon” as something with spiritual power. The fact that I’ve gotten to play some great characters has been great. As an actor, I didn’t write the scripts, I didn’t direct it, or edit it. 


Horror News Network: Sure, but your delivery and what you’ve brought to these characters is what sticks in people’s minds.


Bill Moseley:  I just try to stay out of the way.  I play my part and the hard part is just getting out of the way, and not being self conscious, and not bringing in all your own personal crap. Just to go out there and be like “ChopTop” is just so much fun. A character I always come back to since it was the first time I thought “my God, this is awesome.” 


Horror News Network:  Who or what actually scares Bill Moseley?


Bill Moseley:  There”˜s a lot of scary stuff out there. I was actually visiting my daughter in upstate New York, and she wanted to see “Paranormal Activity 4.”  That didn’t really scare me all that much. Afterwards though, we went back and I went out to look for kindling in the wooded area to make a fire. I got far enough from the house with just a flashlight in the dark wooded area, and I got scared. Especially with the wind blowing, the shadows, was there some animal or person lurking.  I’m always prepared to be scared out of my boots.


Horror News Network:I know “Devil’s Carnival” also just came out on DVD, so we can give a little “shout out” to Darren Bousman right now.


Bill Moseley:  Yeah check it out. Darren’s a great guy, great to work with too. Its’ very colorful and the music is awesome.


Horror News Network:  Well the one great thing about Darren is that he obviously is not afraid to take chances and push boundaries.  That’s really admirable since a lot of people just like to play it safe.


Bill Moseley:  That’s what I think Darren and Rob Zombie have in common.  They’re not afraid to take on the “suits.” They actually enjoy it, and enjoy pushing the boundaries.







Horror News Network:  We’re all looking forward to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D” Thanks so much for your time Bill! You can check out more from Bill at http://www.choptopsbbq.com


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Killogy #1 review

What do you get when you throw three murderers into one prison cell together? Well, when those characters happen to be based on the likenesses of celebrities FRANK VINCENT (Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Sopranos), MARKY RAMONE (formerly of The Ramones) and BREA GRANT (Heroes, Dexter), you can bet that the outcome will be anything but ordinary. From the creator of IDW Publishing’s hit series Crawl to Me, comes Alan Robert’s KILLOGY®; an off-the-wall, genre-busting mash-up of crime, dark comedy and horror. Written and illustrated by Robert, this original, four-issue mini-series kicks off this Halloween from IDW. Read the review by Senior Editor, Christine Caprilozzi below.

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Too Much Horror Business interview with Kirk Hammett



Everyone knows Kirk Hammett as the stellar guitarist for Metallica, but not that many know Kirk as an avid horror fan and collector, with a genuine passion for the genre. Sr. Editor Christine Caprilozzi recently sat down with Kirk to talk about his new book, “Too Much Horror Business,” his vast knowledge of horror history, and the “darkside.”

Horror News Network: I’ve read the book and you have an insanely amazing collection, especially for hardcore horror fans. In the book, you mention you were much more intrigued by horror films than Disney. Most of the time when kids are interested in something, they gravitate towards the trend. You seemed to dig deeper into the origins (“Freaks”, “Frankenstein vs the Werewolf”). What made you go towards the classics and not just your contemporary horror scene?

Kirk Hammett: Good question, I haven’t given that much thought. When I first started watching these horror movies in the late 60’s early 70’s, a lot of times it was just what was on television, “Creature Features.” I would just watch whatever the programming was. Every Saturday night they would run two horror movies, and a lot of the times it was just the old classic Universal stuff, “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” “Island of Lost Souls,” and “The Raven.” That just shaped my whole aesthetic. I found myself gravitating and embracing that stuff. At that time, a lot of the horror movies coming out were the Hammer films. The problem was you had to go to the movie theater, and a lot of times I just didn’t have the resources to go. I just relied on whatever was on the television. I can remember waiting for the new TV Guide to come. The first thing I would do was go through every single page searching for horror movies to check out and I would make a list of horror movies I wanted to check out. I was always into the horror genre as a whole, but the classic Universal films just resonated with me.


Horror News Network: Yeah, in the book you have some really old classic pieces from the very beginning of film history, which are really unique.

Kirk Hammett: I tried to be really comprehensive in the book and start from the earliest times, basically the “teens.” A lot of that early work is what I really have a passion for.


Horror News Network: Horror comics are near and dear to our hearts here. In your book you mention the first one you picked up was “Creepy.” Do you still collect horror comics?

Kirk Hammett: I’m aware of them, but I really just stick to reading the comics I have in my collection. I like revisiting the stuff I loved as a kid. I loved the old EC Comics, “Tales from the Crypt,” and “Vault of Horror.” I’m aware of a lot of the new horror comics, unfortunately I never have time to get to the comic shops, so I’m a little guilty of not keeping up with all the horror comics.


Horror News Network: Let’s talk about your horror toy collection. You have some really obscure pieces. Is there one that stands out for you, or as your favorite?

Kirk Hammett: Yeah, “Monster Plaques.” They were sold during the 1960’s and are really, really rare. I mean, I’ve come across three of them in the last twenty years. I actually found one in its original packaging, and to have that as a collector is amazing, like the “Holy Grail.” I can tell you any of the toys you see in the book in the original boxes”¦ that to me is the ultimate.


Horror News Network: That leads me to my next question. You have a line of toys coming out, can you tell us about that?

Kirk Hammett: Yes! Its KVH toys (www.kvhtoys.com). There’s a persona of me I call Kirk Von Hammett, which is basically myself dressed up as a ghoul with fangs. That’s going to be our first toy”¦ it’s going to be a toy figure of me as “Kirk Von Hammett.” We’re also going to branch out and do other figures based on the lesser know characters in horror films. We’re not going to do a “Dracula,” “Frankenstein,” or “Creature from the Black Lagoon” stuff that everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that stuff, but we’re probably going to do a figure based on Boris Karloff from “The Black Cat.” I have the actual outfit from the movie, which is in the book. We’re also going to do Bela Lugosi from “White Zombie,” and a “Nosferatu,” which is being worked on now, and looking really great. It’s going to be my chance to do a lot of characters that I always wanted to have a toy of, but no one ever took the initiative to make. I’m really psyched about that aspect of it.


Horror News Network: In the book you call yourself a “historian” and a “curator.” Have you ever thought of opening a true horror museum because you have such a comprehensive collection and so much knowledge? The collection in the book is amazing for horror fans.

Kirk Hammett: The thought has crossed my mind. I definitely know my shit when it comes to horror. (laughs) I really am obsessive compulsive about this. Even laying out the book I was very particular about what movie posters needed to go with other movie posters on each page.


Horror News Network: You’re so into horror and Metallica is also a very dark band. Not only the lyrics, but also your guitar riffs and brooding tones are pretty grim. I remember the even seeing the first Metallica video, “One” thinking “this is f-ing creepy.” You’re very laid back, what draws you to that “darkside?”

Kirk Hammett: I’ve always had a penchant for things that were darker. I mean when I watched horror movies as a kid, the best part for me was the monsters, the creatures, the villains. I guess it was easier for me to relate to that than the lighter, airier type of things. Walt Disney really didn’t do it for me. (laughs) ….not like George Romero did. That’s speaking from an 8 year olds point view. It’s the same with music. When I was younger, I wasn’t interested in Top 40 music. I was always interested not in music in major keys, but minor keys.

There’s a note sequence that’s called the “flatted fifth.” It’s basically a progression that when you play it, it sounds really evil. It was actually banned by the Catholic Church for like hundreds of years.


Horror News Network: Ha, and you play it all the time.

Kirk Hammett: Yeah, Metallica as a band, that is one of our favorite movements, as they say. I’m waiting for this stuff in my psyche to go away, but I’m pretty sure it never will.


Horror News Network: What stands out as your favorite horror film?

Kirk Hammett: That’s a hard one, and I answer it differently every time. Some of mine are “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” “The Bride of Frankenstein,” and I love the “Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein.” I love the cheesier 1950’s films like “Invasion of the Saucer Men.” One of my favorites is a movie that came out in the early 1970’s called “Equinox.” It was a great movie made really cheaply by a couple of college students. So, I have many favorites.


Horror News Network: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Kirk! “Too Much Horror Business” is out now. If you’re a horror collector, or just hardcore horror fan, you should check it out. Have a comment on this interview? Post it here.


Excision review


Synopsis: A surgery-obsessed teen struggles with her outcast status while plotting to lose her virginity and save her sister from the ravaging effects of cystic fibrosis in this genre-bending shocker from writer/director Richard bates, Jr. Pauline (Annalynne McCord) is an awkward girl whose stern mother (Traci Lords) insists that the young girl visit the church therapist for counseling. Incensed at the prospect of being judged by a religious hypocrite, Pauline only delves deeper into her visceral fantasies while concocting an ingenious plan to impress her mother. read more read more

HNN Walking Dead Season 3 interview with Norman Reedus

As horror fans await the highly anticipated season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” many wonder what will become of their favorite characters and who will survive Season 3. HNN Senior Editor, Christine Caprilozzi caught up with Norman Reedus who plays “Daryl Dixon”,to talk about the upcoming season, the evolution of Daryl Dixon, and the reemergence of Merle Dixon.

Horror News Network: “Daryl Dixon” is without a doubt one of the most popular characters on “The Walking Dead,” however, he is not in the comic. With that being said, how did you go about preparing for the role of “Daryl”?

Norman Reedus: I went from the conspirator in savannah straight in to this in Atlanta. It was written at first very “fuck you, fuck you” and I knew that was the part. I just tried to make it seem like I’m still a little brother who’s lost his big brother. I tried to tear up in between “fuck you’s” and tossing squirrels at people. I’m a fan of Daryl myself. I like the way he puffs his chest up even when he’s low. He’s an underdog. You root for him, and he would do anything to keep these people alive. I think the fact that someone is relying on him has taken him out of his shell. He’s wounded and up against the wall, defensive, and coming in to his own…I’m a lot like that. This job has forced me to do that in some extent in my real life. I’m growing right alongside Daryl. So, I just pay attention.


Horror News Network: Season 2 saw quite a bit of character development for Daryl. He went from crazy redneck to showing a bit more depth and humanity. With the re-emergence of his brother Merle, how will this affect Daryl in general?

Norman Reedus: He wants to find his brother. The difference is he’s a different person now, and the conflict that his brother brings will now be his conflict between this group and his brother. He’s between a rock and a hard place, but that’s where he always is within himself.

He’s chest out chin down, eyes wide open, up against the wall ready to swing.


Horror News Network: Season 2 also saw the demise of Shane, after which Daryl became sort of Rick’s “go to” guy. Can you give us any hint as to how Merle’s re-appearance affects Daryl’s allegiance to Rick and the group? (I can’t imagine Merle has forgotten the whole “hand” ordeal)

Norman Reedus: Daryl and Shane agreed on almost everything if you think about it. Merle is just Merle. He’s not gonna stop this train even if he tries. We are all too close and we’ve gone thru too much together.


Horror News Network: The footage released so far from the prison looks pretty intense. What was filming like for the upcoming season?

Norman Reedus: It’s exactly like it looks…intense! Grace Walker designed that prison and every inch of it is a work of art. It’s a museum of death.


Horror News Network: How much of Norman is brought to the role of Daryl?

Norman Reedus: A lot. We are very similar…minus the squirrels and accent.


Horror News Network: What’s the best part of playing Daryl? Riding motorcycles? Killing zombies? Making ear necklaces?

Norman Reedus: Working with this team, I love every one of them. The rest is all gravy.


Horror News Network: “Walking Dead” is pretty much a show where any character can die at any time. Do you cringe every time you get a new script?

Norman Reedus: Yup! We all do.


Horror News Network: Thanks so much for your time Norman! “The Walking Dead” premieres October 14th.

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Little Big Boy interview with Kim Sonderholm


“Little Big Boy” tells the story of acclaimed horror film director  Jimmy Duncan, infamous for his psychotic temper and his unique brand of exploitative movies. Having witnessed the murder of his mother at the age of seven, Duncan grew up in an orphanage and then worked his way up in the movie industry. Caught up in the downward spiral of his own success, surrounded by movie reviewers who refused to acknowledge his obvious talent, starlet wannabes with zero ability to act, producers with little patience, and those who will exploit anyone to become famous in a soul eating industry, we follow Jimmy while he is working on his latest feature film “Death Stalker.” The shoot quickly turns into a descent into insanity when his leading lady leaves the production  halfway through shooting the film. Haunted by his childhood experiences, Duncan finds himself in an abyss from which there is no return.

Senior Editor, Christine Caprilozzi caught up with Kim Sonderholm to talk about Little Big Boy.

Horror News Network: “Little Big Boy” is really a thriller about the descent into madness of “Jimmy Duncan.”  What was the inspiration for this?
Kim Sonderholm: I think of it mostly as a comedy, that’s how it was intended. A comedy with elements of the thriller genre and the horror genre. I was sort of inspired by a documentary named “Overnight” about the breakdown of the director who did Boondock Saints. It was interesting and scary at the same time to see how attitude alone can burn all bridges, not just in the movie industry, but in life as a whole, and it made me feel there might be an idea for a fiction film here. I know meta films of that caliber has been done before, many times even, so I wanted to make it different, with a bit of an edge. I don’t wanna say too much about it really, the reviews speaks volumes – either you love it or you hate it, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. A lot of people understood what I was trying to achieve and most of these appreciated the form, others never gave it the time of day. It would be easy to write these people off as simply “those who didn’t get it”, but I won’t – every opinion is valid and taste varies from person to person. But in general it’s been given everything from bottom to top grades in the reviews which, to me, means atleast it can be called somewhat controversial, haha.
Horror News Network: Not only did you write and direct the film, you also play Jimmy Duncan, and do a fantastic job of embodying the volatility of this guy.  How did you prepare for the role?
Kim Sonderholm: Thank you so much. Once again, the acting has been called anything from atrocious to ingenious in the reviews, so I suppose it depends on the eyes that see. How did I prepare.. Well.. A lot of the frustration Jimmy goes through is frustration I have faced myself although to a much lesser degree while making my first films. Now, obviously, I never went to those extreme lengths Jimmy ends up going to, and I never lost my patience on set, but some of the problems Jimmy faces with actors and planning problems, oh, I know those all too well, haha. But that is where the comparisons between myself and Jimmy ends. I personally had a safe and secured childhood, whereas he had a very unfortunate upbringing and lived through things in his life noone should be exposed to in a perfect world, among other things seing his mother get murdered right infront of his very eyes by a lover of hers, referred to as ‘The Mystery Man’. These things makes their marks. So when his lead actress – who is also the love of his life and the one person in the world he feels he can trust – starts giving him a lot of attitude and therefore problems on set his minds goes into overdrive. It’s not a typical popcorn flick with big explosions where you go from A to Z Hollywood-style and have everything spelled out to you, so if you’re not into films of a somewhat experimental nature that demands you keep track and doing a little thinking of your own, then this probably isn’t for you. I’ve had a few reviewers ripped it apart, one cause there wasn’t blood and guts enough in it, eventhough it has never come closed to be announced as a splatterflick. I’m not sure what this person was expecting, but people very often have very narrow tastes – it’s unfortunate, but a mere fact. It’s the story of a man and his decline into madness, short and simple – you can probably find places where you can add in the drama genre to that aswell, but in general it is meant to entertain in a new way. The movie contains a lot of dark humor aswell, some will get it, some won’t. I’m pretty sure people who’ve worked with film are gonna have various deja vu’s underway, haha.
Horror News Network: Which do you enjoy more, the writing process, or acting?
Kim Sonderholm: The acting! I thoroughly enjoy the creative process of directing too, but it’s all the hoo-haa that goes before and after it I dislike, all the problems before you can even start shooting, all the nightmares you face while shooting – but again, basicly that is what this film is a reflection about. I’m not gonna say I’ll never direct anything else again, but I have stepped down from producing for good. I get 5-6 offers a week to produce new films, but I always decline. I’m a classicly trained actor and I love doing that, that I will never grow tired of. Directing I might be up for doing again sometime, but producing – not anymore. The writing process can be a very giving and creative, not to mention amazingly funny, process aswell. I enjoy doing it, but I prefer doing it with someone else. It can be very lonely and you tend to focus on weird little neardy things nobody else notices.
Horror News Network: One of the standout cameos is Lloyd Kaufman from Troma, who is, of course, hilarious.  How did you get him in the film?
Kim Sonderholm: Lloyd has always been great to me, first on my first film “Craig” and when I gave him the opportunity to be obnoxious in this film he immediately said yes cause he loved the idea. Most of his dialogue was semi-improvised. I gave him outlines and he just went with it. Some of it was actually to obnoxious that it was cut from the film (but those of you who will invest in the DVD will find it on the bonus material!). Let’s just say I had a lot of courage with this project but not enough courage to include all his rants, haha. The man is mad. I actually feared getting sued by a couple of very big companies if I included some of his rants about them, that’s how crazy it got. But you mention Lloyd, but there has been a lot of great people who loved the idea and has been an invaluable help to me. If it wasn’t for these people and many more and especially their will to go that extra mile to help me and my film, this film wouldn’t have become reality. They know what and who I mean, I demanded more of many of them than is normal to demand of actors and they all stepped up to the plate cause they liked the idea.
Horror News Network: Another standout scene for me, without giving too much away, was the “casting scene.”  Was this indicative of what the real casting was like for the film?
Kim Sonderholm: I’ve actually held auditions that has been that bad before. It is incredible how little honesty some people will admit to their abilities, or lack of the same. But I would like to make clear that the “horrible” actresses auditioning in “Little Big Boy” ARE acting – or, trying to re-inact the sitatuations in my head at the time, all of them are actually quite good actresses in real life, I think that is quite important to mention. But, in the end, I suppose they manage to bring a certain believability to the performance so that’s good, I suppose. I wanted it to be over the top, on the verge of being pathetic – and most of them are actually more or less re-inacting situations I’ve faced while attempting to cast on my first project – give or take a little. I actually cut out a couple of real-life situations because I was sure nobody would ever believe that they had actually happened for real, that’s how far out things sometimes get, haha. But at the end of the day, the actresses you see in the scenes in “Little Big Boy” all took a chance at looking completely inadequate at acting, and to me, the fact that they succeeded only shows their real talent. It’s actually hard to act like you cannot act at all on purpose. Again, some reviewers never got the point, which in my opinion is a little sad. I have no clue how they could miss something that it so obvious – well, obvious to myself, anyway, haha.
Horror News Network: Although there were some humorous moments, there were also some gruesome moments.  How were those to film?
Kim Sonderholm: Another day at the office. I’ve done films with those elements before and usually it is a lot of fun to throw fake blood around, hang people from hooks, stuff like that. Uhm, yes, I realize how that may sound, haha. All the girls that these things were taken out on all took it for what it was and I think everyone had great fun on the set, in spite of the somewhat gruesome content.
Horror News Network: As a writer/director, what are some of the horror movies that influenced you?
Kim Sonderholm: I seem to have an infatuation especially with films from the 90ies and to an extend the 80ies like some of the old Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis flicks. Ofcourse, a lot of the love for those films are caused by sentimentality cause I grew up on them. My favorites are Natural Born Killers, The Crow, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, American History X, Se7en, things of that nature. I can’t really say how much it inspired me as a whole, but then again looking at my own work I can’t deny it has done that, a lot, in fact. But it hasn’t been a concious thing as such. I’m also a huge fan of 80ies slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on ElmStreet, Halloween, etc. Most of the stuff that are being remade these years, I suppose. I grew up on this stuff and I has a very special place in my heart and I can still watch it to this day and think….god, they knew how to make horror films back then… Don’t get me wrong, there are good ones coming out still but there’s just long between the really good ones I think. If I had to mention a list of films from the past ten years that made an impression on me, the list would be pretty short, but a few would be Saw (the original, not so much the sequals), Sin City, Haute Tension…to me it’s not really about big budget and huge explosions but creating something unique that stands out. I can’t really explain it any more clearer than that, it’s a feeling with me – does it make an impression or have I forgotten it again in two days?
Horror News Network: Where can people find out more about “Little Big boy”?
Kim Sonderholm: It was released on August 22 worldwide, so it should be fairly easy to find. Most assortered DVD stores on retail and netstores should carry it. I know Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, Tower, FYE, BuyCD, even eBay, all carry it in the states. In the UK you can find it again at Amazon and other places while in the whole UN, CD:ON carries it and iMusic in Scandinavia. In Japan it is available through Amazon, and I even seen stores in Australia and New Zealand carry it, So I guess it’s easily available just about nomadder where in the world you are located – I guess there isn’t much of an excuse to not pick it up, haha.
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