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7 Problems with The Walking Dead Season 3

By: Larry Dwyer


Okay guys, earlier this week, Christine wrote an article discussing some of the highlights of season three of The Walking Dead. It got me thinking about things that bugged me about this season…and I came up with a list. Now, I want you to know that I adore this show; no horror television show has made me this happy since “Tales from the Darkside”. But as with any good thing, there are problems and here are mine: read more

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Fan Instagram Contest

By: Larry Dwyer

Alright guys, you did it to me again. This time there were so many of you who tagged us in your pictures from the convention that it took me three days and I could only narrow it down to eight shots.

So, here they are. Keep them coming guys! It’s great to see so many of you attending these conventions and having a great time; it’s fiends like you who keep horror alive!


Apparently Axel likes his girls with facial hair.  🙂
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Most Disappointing Horror Movies

By: Larry Dwyer


Someone made mention of my recent article “The Ten Most Annoying Characters in Horror” and they asked, “What about annoying movies”? It got me thinking…not so much about annoying movies but about movies that really disappointed me; films that I waited anxiously for and expected great things from but when I finally saw them I felt generally let down by. So I made a list. Originally a much longer list than the one you’re about to read but a list that I feel really gets to the meat of it. read more read more

Exclusive Frankenstein Theory Interview w/ Andrew Weiner

By Larry Dwyer , Staff Journalist

Image Entertainment’s “Frankenstein Theory” was just released this week. Recently, Horror News Network’s Staff journalist Larry Dwyer had a chance to catch up with director Andrew Weiner.

Horror News Network: I loved the concept of this film. The idea of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a sort of cover-up for real events is truly brilliant. How did it come about?

Andrew Weiner: Thank you! Vlady Pildysh came to me with the initial high concept. After doing extensive research, we worked together on creating an outline and from there crafted the screenplay. read more read more

The Ten Most Annoying Characters in Horror

I’ve been thinking for a while about which horror movie characters really get on my nerves. I even posted about it on the HorrorNewsNetwork Instagram account a few months ago and got some good responses which made me happy to know that I’m not the only person who can get supremely annoyed by fictional characters. So, after some deliberating, discussions with friends and suggestions from Instagramers, here is my top ten list of characters who we probably weren’t upset to watch die (if indeed they did).
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Hate Crime Review

Uncomfortable. Shocked. Angry. Disgusted.

These were merely a few of the emotions felt while being glued to the latest film from James Cullen Bressack, “Hate Crime”. The title itself probably makes you feel a little off, right?

Mr. Bressack asked that all reviews be kept spoiler-free; I imagine he wants the viewers to go into this experience not knowing what to expect. I’ll ruin that a little bit for you here; expect fear, expect revulsion and expect to be brought somewhere you probably did not wish to go and you probably hope to never be again. read more read more

Mama Review

Fellow staffer Sean Brickley and I braved the teenage masses and their pre-pubescent shenanigans to check out an 8pm viewing of the hot new flick “Mama” this past Saturday night. When I first heard about it, the name of the film kind of made me suspicious; it really didn’t sound like it would be scary. I should have listened when my parents told me what not to do with books and their covers because someone then pointed out to me that it was based on a short from a fellow named Andrés Muschietti and they forwarded me the link to it.; sold. If you’ve never seen the short, you can view all of its creepiness on YouTube. Well, apparently Guillermo Del Toro (of “Hellboy” and Pan’s Labyrinth” fame) caught a glimpse of this 2 minute work and thought it was creepy as well because he contacted Andres about making “Mama” into a full length feature. read more read more

The Sadist review


It’s not often that horror movies are filmed here in Connecticut, especially ones starring the legend that is Tom Savini. Last week, Sean Brickley and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend the premiere of “The Sadist” which was filmed right here in Waterbury, Middlebury and Naugatuck, Connecticut.

“The Sadist” starts off with Jack Bird (played by writer, and Connecticut native Frank Wihbey) who is getting ready to embark on his annual camping/hunting trip with his uncle (played by veteran actor Santo Fazio). After making their preparations for the trip, they stop off for breakfast at legendary Waterbury eatery ‘Top o’ the Mornin’’. While there, they discuss the news they’ve heard about a group of people who’ve escaped from a mental institution not far from where the guys usually camp out. read more read more

The Year After Infection Review

“The Year after Infection” is a heavily character-driven film asking us to take a look at what life might be like after the zombie apocalypse. The movie is broken out into four different stories cleverly titled, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and “Winter”. The first story centers on a woman who is surviving alone with only her zombie boyfriend to keep her company. Next is a gang of campers who are trying to make their way to freedom by use of a river. Then we’re shown the story of some survivors who are lucky enough to have a doctor in their midst. The final story is of a loner who finds companionship in a child he finds living alone in a house in the woods. read more read more