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‘Eli’ Director Ciaran Foy: The Horror News Network Interview

Currently out on Netflix is Ciaran Foy’s thriller, Eli. Smart, emotional, and deeply haunting, Foy brings to life a tale about a family whose child cannot interact with the atmosphere around him. Wrapped in a protective bubble for as long as he can remember, Eli (Charlie Shotwell) may have found a chance to be treated for this deadly condition. His parents, played by Kelly Reilly and Max Martini, have come to the lab of the mysterious Dr. Horn (Lili Taylor). As Dr. Horn and Eli’s parents move him through each stage of this experimental treatment, things just don’t seem like they all add up. Between a presence that is revealing itself in the house, Dr. Horn’s past, and a friend who sits outside Eli’s chamber window, Eli’s world will change forever. Blending a creative score, impressive lighting, connecting themes, and a series of standout performances within a narrative that has not only some well-crafted twists but also one of the most impressive death sequences in a long time, Eli is one of the surprising and potent genre films in 2019. Taking some time to speak with Horror News Network, Ciaran Foy opens up to Jay Kay about the film’s different elements. read more read more

‘True Fiction’: The Horror News Network Review

Coming off of its world premiere at the Brazilian genre festival Fantaspoa, writer and director Branden Croft unveils his latest thriller/horror hybrid called True Fiction. The third feature from Croft, True Fiction tells the story of twenty-something writer Avery (Sara Garcia), who lands her dream job as an assistant to her favorite horror author and inspiration Caleb Conrad (John Cassini). In the spirit of films like Misery, Audition, and even shadows of Saw, we see a terrifying character study of fear, obsession, isolation, and fandom, brought to disturbing life. Starring a stellar ensemble cast including actors Julian Black Antelope (Hold the Dark) and Julian Richings (Man of Steel, Supernatural, The Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh), True Fiction is a well-rounded film with potential; but it falters once it moves from a psychological thriller to a full on horror film. read more read more

‘Abnormal Attraction’: The Horror News Network Review

Nearly a year ago at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, attending both the convention and their film festival, I found some surprising gems. This is a large reason why I love heading to this convention. There have been many instances of this over the last five years for me and I cherish each one. Even some of these films surprise and impress me enough to be part of my end of the year ‘Film Festival Features’ list. Sitting back after a late screening, I was enchanted by such a feature produced by a pair of passionate brothers that were based not too far from my home in New Jersey. Named ‘Fuzz on the Lens Productions,’ their film is called Abnormal Attraction.  read more read more

‘Theatre of Terror’: The Horror News Network Review

Every day, I have the privilege to witness the creative growth, development, and maturity of filmmakers. Part of that is amassing a crew and collaborators you trust as well as don’t feel that they are there to bring you down or push their agenda on you. No matter what level of experience or project you are working on, all filmmakers are students throughout their creative lives. Surrounding yourself with those who share that vision or want to grow with you is so key. Sometimes though, there are projects tailored to a comfort level where ego, a select crew, or maturity play a role for better or not. Watching the packed house at The Landmark Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey, the anthology project known as the Theatre of Terror falls somewhere in the middle of growth and development as well as ego driven. read more read more

‘Snowflake (Schneeflockchen)’ (2018): The Horror News Network Review

Snowflake, or titled in German Schneeflockchen, is one of the best films I have seen over the last two years. At the heart of it, it is a passion project driven by a group of talented minds that took a long, long time to finally come together. As I watched it for the first at the 2017 Ithaca Fantastik film festival, it was clear this film is a pure happenstance of beauty and insanity. It is also a film that may be one of the most difficult projects to review. For that, like the film, I am going to go a different route to shed some personal light on Snowflake. read more read more

‘Monster Party’: The Horror News Network Review

In a sea of genre releases each year, even a well cast feature with a story that has a hint of originality and is frightening can be overlooked. Monster Party, now on VOD, DVD, and Blu-Ray is a film that may fall under the radar but is a ride worth your time. Starring a pretty talented and balanced cast including Robin Tunney (The Craft), Lance Reddick (John Wick), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), Virginia Gardner (Starfish), Erin Moriarty (True Detective) among others. Monster Party’s focus on a dinner party that is celebrating a milestone for a group of rich, twenty somethings that have rehabbed their lives from a dark addiction. Hosted by the rich Dawson family including Tunney, McMahon, Moriarty, their son Elliott played by Kian Lawley and their mentor Milo (Reddick), all is not what it seems to be. Dealing with issues and secrets of their own, the party is infiltrated by a trio of talented thieves who act as the dinner party help for the Dawson’s lead by Gardner as Iris, her boyfriend Dodge (Brandon Micheal Hall), and Casper (Sam Strike). This trio has a plan of stealing thousands of dollars while the gathered guests celebrate the milestone. As the home’s security is triggered, all bets are off for the trio who must survive not only the Dawson family and Milo but those who are regressing back to the blood lust they thought they were passed. read more read more

David Ian McKendry Discusses the Mistletoe & Madness of ‘All the Creatures Were Stirring’

Whether film, television, and/or music, holiday programming is a staple of the season. The range of timeless media has spanned from festive to joyful to just plain bizarre between the poles. Musical acts like Bob Rivers, claymation like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as well as the darker side of the holiday spectrum with features like Krampus, Scrooged, Black Christmas, and Better Watch Out have their roots in horror storytelling. Each year, more holiday entries enter the horror landscape for the fans of the macabre to yell and scream Ho Ho Holy crap! read more read more

Jerome Cohen-Olivar Discusses ‘Little Horror Movie’

The idea of journalism has evolved over the last decade. Voices can now be seen, heard, and experienced from anywhere in the world. Platforms like YouTube can launch careers from voices not allowed to tell their stories before. In the genre thriller Little Horror Movie, the idea of found footage investigation balanced with classic horror troupes against the backdrop of the mythical city of Casablanca creates a unique storytelling. Focusing on a team of three investigators Helen (Rebecca Ramon), Mark (Cody Heuer), and Einar (Einar Kuusk) who have decided to head out on this journey to escape their past. As tension mounts and pressure surrounds them, each member must face an ancient horror underneath the legendary city that will also confront the darkness within themselves. Visually stunning and reflecting an effective found footage style, Little Horror Movie is one of the more unique genre films this year. Directed by French storyteller Jerome Cohen-Olivar, Little Horror Movie is a journey that focus on the essence and darkness of humanity infused with the horror we have come to love. In promotion of the film, Cohen-Olivar took some time to speak with Jay Kay from the Horror New Network about chemistry on set, the use of found footage, and what horror offers as a filmmaker? read more read more

Clive Tonge Talks ‘Mara’

Sleep paralysis is just frightening. Happening to people around the world and from all walks of life, you are fully aware that something is going on, but you cannot move at all. Some feel a presence, some see a presence, but all are powerless to do anything about it. In the film Mara, Director Clive Tonge tells the story of this startling condition through the lens of a murder investigation. Starring Olga Kurylenko (Hitman) as the criminal psychologist, Kate must deal with her beliefs and come to grips with the truth that goes beyond anything she has faced before. Slowly falling victim to an entity named ‘Mara,’ Kate must solve the case before more are murdered as mysterious as the man she is investigating. read more read more

‘What Keeps you Alive’: The Horror News Network Review

I remember watching a clip from Clint Eastwood’s 1971 directorial debut film Play Misty for Me as a part of Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments. In a key scene, we see Eastwood laying there on his bed. His eyes are closed, he is facing up, and he is vulnerable. As he opens his eyes, he sees a crazed and betrayed Evelyn (Jessica Walter) standing over him. She is making the ultimate commitment why Clint’s character of Dave is wondering what is driving her to these actions. Evelyn thrusts a knife manically down into a pillow barely missing him. As a viewer, we understand why she is doing this to Dave but really do we understand her mindset to do this? Just like any of the great antagonists, we work hard to find out what their motives and mindset are. In the end as we look deep, we realize they are self-reflective pushed to these unspeakable actions. Following his acclaimed storytelling perspective on the undead sub-genre of horror with It Stains the Sands Red, comes the latest feature from talented filmmaker Colin Miniham with What Keeps You Alive now in theaters and on VOD through IFC Midnight. Again, taking a page out of the legacy of damaged and dangerous antagonists, Miniham, crew, and the talented pair performers Hannah Emily Jackson (Jackie) and Brittany Allen (Jules) create an uber tense tale of predator and prey. read more read more