Aliens from Dark Horse

Staff writer, Justin Spotten has submitted his latest article: Aliens from Dark Horse.

A lone figure walks cautiously down a dimly lit hallway. They are frightened, mumbling to themselves and flashing their light around in every which way. They don’t see the shadow descending from above, don’t here the soft swish of a tail or see the faint glint off the slimy carapace. They only turn when they hear the snarl; a low undulating rasp that quickly crescendos into a paced hiss. Only then do they turn in horror as the beast curls back its lips angrily and lashes out with deadly accuracy. They only evidence left after the gruesome scene is a splatter of blood along the floor and walls. Ridley Scott, along with the mad, surreal designs of H. R. Geiger, birthed the perfect hunter; and Dark Horse helped make the Alien immortal.

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