Ali Larter Returning for Final ‘Resident Evil’ Film

Ali Larter is returning to her original series role as Claire Redfield in the upcoming Screen Gems final chapter of ‘Resident Evil’. Milla Jovovich is also reprising her role. Paul W.S. Anderson is directing and has written the script. 

Robert Kulzer (Constantin Films), Jeremy Bolt (Impact Pictures), Samuel Hadida (Davis-Films), and Anderson are producing.   Martin Moszkowicz is executive producing. The film is set to begin shooting in South Africa in September.

The story picks up where the last film, ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’, left off. Project Alice is in a race against time to stop the Red Queen’s attempt to destroy the remaining humans. 

The ‘Resident Evil’ series is one of teh most successful game-to-movie adaptations ever, grossing over $915 million worldwide.

Source: Deadline

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