Adam Green Releases “Holliston” Short as ArieScope’s 19th annual Halloween Short

by Larry Dwyer

Close to 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to interview Adam Green to discuss the upcoming sophomore season of his show Holliston on the FearNET channel (click here for that interview). Little did anyone know that season two would be the last season that horror fans would see of the show that had captured their hearts. In March of 2014, Adam’s good friend and Holliston cast member Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus of Gwar) passed away leaving Green understandably heartbroken and unsure about the future of the show that Brockie was such a big part of. Then in June of the same year, FearNET was shut down and Holliston was left without a station.

While the future of the beloved show was in doubt, Adam “never said never” for lack of a better term. As time wore on and wounds began to scar over, (they never actually heal), Adam began to discuss a future for Holliston more and more, often on his podcast The Movie Crypt that he runs with fellow cast-member and director Joe Lynch (click here to check out TMC).

Now, more than three years after the last episode, Adam’s company ArieScope has released their 19th annual Halloween short and it is a Holliston feature. What it means for the future of the show is uncertain but let’s not worry about it; let’s just watch and enjoy as Adam, Joe, Corri, Laura, Arwen and Axl bring us the laughs we’ve been missing.



Stay gory my friends,


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