An 80’s Slasher-Versary Brings Out Horror Fans

by Rob Caprilozzi

Connecticut Cult Classics held their fourth movie showing last night at the classic Strand Theater in Seymour, CT. The night was dubbed “An 80’s Slasher-Versary,” as two 80’s slasher flicks, April Fool’s Day and The Burning were shown back to back.

As with past Cult Classic events, fans came early to enjoy the pre-movie music, trailers, and movie theater popcorn. To the surprise of all the attendees, a grab bag commemorating the event was free of charge. The bag, which had blood-stained packaging, consisted of a Cropsy loves you button, Camp Blackfoot matches and two fireballs.

First on the big screen was the 1986 film, April Fool’s Day. The film follows a group of college kids gathered at a mansion during spring break. What turns out as a fun getaway quickly turns into something more sinister. The film stars Thomas F. Wilson, Amy Steel, Ken Olandt and Deborah Foreman.

Next on the screen was the 1981’s The Burning. This underrated slasher features George Castanza himself, Jason Alexander. Set at a summer camp, a prank on the camps caretaker, Cropsy leaves him burned and terribly disfigured. Years later Cropsy returns, armed with shears for his revenge. The film also features amazing effects by horror legend, Tom Savini.

It was announced that the next event would be on January 13th. More information can be found on the Connecticut Cult Classics website.

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