5 Movie Collection From Echo Bridge Due Out August 12th


America’s Most Haunted
The crew of TV’s America’s Most Haunted is used to staging their own spooks for the sake of ratings. But they’re not used to working with actual ghosts. Shooting on site at a remote logging camp, they’re about to make their first real encounter…and it’s a dangerous one.


Bay Coven
The island community of Bay Cove is quaint and picturesque. But behind the façade of a happy little town is a coven of witches on a mission to fill a vacancy in their bloodline—and they’ve just found the perfect candidate. Starring Woody Harrelson.

Midnight’s Child
Kate and Nick hire an au pair to help with their busy household, but the evil girl puts the family under a dangerous spell…one that they must break if they hope to survive her stay.

Daughter of Darkness
When Katherine loses her mother, she decides it’s finally time to track down her father. She begins her search in Bucharest, Romania, where she delves into her blood-sucking legacy. Starring Anthony Perkins.

Haunted from Within
When Olivia Perez mysteriously kills her children, it seems as if she has fallen under the spell of the legendary La Llorana. But this is no coincidence. Soon the curse begins to spread and more women are following in Olivia’s footsteps.


DVD: http://amzn.com/B00KLKTMTY

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