WonderCon 2013 Panel: The Conjuring

by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

WonderCon Saturday fires up their largest panel room, the Arena, with an unnerving and dizzying exclusive clip of “The Conjuring” just for the WonderCon crowd. While they did show a trailer for the film, it was the new footage that shows what happens to the girls while they are sleeping that really got the attention of the horror crowd. For those that don’t know, this movie is based on a true story. What was really interesting here was that the panel featured the family that lived through this event and the demonologist, Lorraine Warren, that helped the family. Must be odd to relive your most terrifying supernatural encounter on the big screen, huh? And something further to appreciate: While the director, James Wan, intended to make a PG-13 movie, the film received an R rating due to the extremely frightening content. In theaters July 19. read more

WonderCon 2013 Panel: Pacific Rim

by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

With old school giant monsters vs. new school giant robots, “Pacific Rim” is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. The WonderCon panel opened up by introducing director Guillermo del Toro and moving quickly into an exclusive clip for WonderCon which sent the audience into some pretty feverish cheering. In his discussion about the movie, del Toro was clearly in love with the work and stated that Warner Brothers and Legendary were very open to letting del Toro make the movie his own way. Amazingly, del Toro explains that they rebuilt part of Tokyo just to destroy it. He also mentions that the movie is inspired by the visuals of WWII, yet set in the future. In all, there were twelve monsters and nine robots designed and everything is animated, not motioned captured. read more

WonderCon 2013 Panel: Mortal Instruments – City of Bones

by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

While this isn’t our typical thing here at HorrorNewsNetwork, we did happen to catch the WonderCon panel for the latest movie based on a young adult book series, “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.” The pretty, young actors were very popular with the young women (and young girls) in the crowd. The author, Cassandra Clare, was also in attendance and was witty and clearly a fan of the subject material. She was also very involved in casting, set design, etc. which should bring more authenticity to the movie. The premiere of the trailer was a hit. I will say that it looks better than “Twilight.” More violent. Yay. read more

WonderCon 2013 Panel: Evil Dead

by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

The WonderCon panel for “Evil Dead” was filled with fans of the original and their hopes were high for the remake. The multiple warnings from the moderator that what we were about to see was not for children or the squeamish added to the excitement. Some people really did get up and leave at that point. They must have been lost.

As expected, the crowd was thrilled with the introduction of the original Ash, Bruce Campbell, who was looking exceptionally dapper. The rest of the panel participants got a welcome, but not overwhelming reception. The crowd was treated to an exclusive trailer that was Ãœber-violent and probably the most blood I have ever seen in a trailer. When asked, actress Jane Levy said her worst day on the set was being buried alive with a bag on her head and oxygen tubes in her mouth. Bruce said it was wonderful to watch the other actors go through the carnage and suffering that he and his fellow film stars had to deal with so many years ago. He said this in a more Bruce-like way, but you get the idea. read more

WonderCon 2013 Coverage

With a sold-out crowd, this year's WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center was a huge success. It has definitely grown since its first visit to Anaheim last year. Clearly, the word has gotten out that this is a convention to enjoy here in Southern California while its usual home in San Francisco is being remodeled. Publishers, movie companies, artists, creators, and many fans and cos-players were in attendance. Here are some pictures from the show floor by Stephanie and Brian Gray.

  read more

B.P.R.D. Vampire #1 Review

Review by: Phil Hill

B.P.R.D. Vampire #1
Writer: Mike Mignola, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
Artist: Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: March 27, 2013

Synopsis: Agent Anders of the B.P.R.D. is plagued by dreams from a pair of vampire sisters that have been placed inside his subconscious. The hunt begins for the rest of the vamps.

Our Thoughts: I haven’t read the preceding stories involving Agent Anders. I am interested to find out more. These vamps do not sparkle. Their ruthless and have no morals. Even without reading the previous B.P.R.D 1940’s series I was able to catch on. read more

Vitriol the Hunter Interview with Billy Martin and Brent Allen

They own the night… they yearn for the day! In this gothic sci-fi adventure, Billy Martin (guitarist of Good Charlotte) and Brent Allen bring a new grisly horror to life! As Basilika City’s last great hope, Vitriol stands as the only force that can stop Lord Barthus and his heinous vampire regime from overtaking the city.

We caught up with the creators of this book, Billy Martin and Brent Allen to talk about this interesting new title from IDW Publishing. read more

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

by: Clint Ritchie

Almost a month and a half since its release, Aliens: Colonial Marines has not been well received to say the least. Bad AI, lack luster storyline, and the overall MIA Xenomorphs have left fans of the license dumbfounded.

We here at Horror News Network are going to break this game down and find out why so many gamers have said “Game Over Man, Game Over!”

To begin, a little background on the development of ACM.

• 2001: A previous game titled Aliens: Colonial Marines was developed by Check Six Games and was to be published by Fox Interactive and Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2 but was canceled before its release. Despite the similarities in gameplay and story, however, Gearbox has claimed that their game is unrelated to this early version.
• 2006: Sega announces they purchased full electronic rights to the Alien Franchise.
• 2008: The game's title was officially announced as Aliens: Colonial Marines. Later that year, a article was published that the Aliens: Colonial Marines game had been delayed, supposedly because of layoffs at Gearbox Software. However, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford insisted that development on the game continues.
• 2010: Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), Gearbox showed five new screenshots and stated that the game remains a priority for them.
• 2011: Gearbox unveiled a teaser trailer and officially announced that Colonial Marines would be presented on E3 2011 and that the game was expected to be released in spring 2012.
• 2012: Sega announced that it had decided to delay the game yet again, pushing it to a fall 2012 release date. In addition, Gearbox Software also announced that they would be releasing a new trailer. Gearbox Software announced a February 12, 2013 launch for Aliens: Colonial Marines on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a Wii U version announcement "at a later time".
• 2013: A anonymous whistle blower reported to Destructoid that Gearbox had been taking people and resources off Aliens: Colonial Marines to put them towards Borderlands, and yet was still collecting full payments from Sega as if they were working on Aliens: Colonial Marines. When Sega discovered this misconduct they canceled Colonial Marines, which led to the games protracted development; "At some point in 2008, Sega temporarily pulled the plug on the game […] They caught wind of Gearbox shifting resources despite still collecting milestone checks as if the team were full size and lying to Sega AND 2K about the number of people working on each project. This led to the round of layoffs at Gearbox in late 2008."
• The first DLC pack is called Bug Hunt and will be available for download in March 2013. read more

Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!… Camp or Crap?

I am not a huge Tim Burton fan, but there many times where I can see his genius manifest itself in his work. For me this is often this is through comedic timing. One such instance is in his 1994 film "Ed Wood". The scene involves studio executives in a screening room watching one of Wood’s films. The laughter comes, when after just enough time of watching the execs stunned faces at the poor quality of the film the silence is broken by one of them asking, “Is this a movie?” Nearly 20 years later, I still laugh even thinking about that scene. read more

HNN Staff Reflects on the 35th Anniversary of “Halloween”

The staff at Horror News Network looks back at John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween on it’s 35th anniversary.

Watch it below.