Owls Jason Achilles Mezilis Talks Music & Horror

By Christine Caprilozzi

Recently, Sr. Editor, Christine Caprilozzi caught up with guitarist, Jason Achilles Mezilis to discuss Owl’s new album and his top horror moments of all time

Los Angeles-based rock band Owl; Chris Wyse (vocals/bass), Dan Dinsmore (drums), Jason Achilles Mezilis (guitar/vocals) – is set to unleash its new album, “The Right Thing” on April 9th via Overit Records.

After releasing their self-titled debut in 2009, Owl captivated
audiences alongside the likes of Helmet, Jet and Hollywood all-star
rock collective Camp Freddy. Between touring and recording commitments
with Wyse's other gig – playing bass in The Cult – Owl began writing
what would become the band’s self-produced “The Right Thing” in early
2011. The album is scheduled for release on April 9th. read more

New Clip from The Last Exorcism 2

With "The Last Exorcism 2" release rapidly approaching on March 1st, a new clip from the film has been released.

“Continuing where the first film left off, Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is found terrified and alone in rural Louisiana. Back in the relative safety of New Orleans, Nell realizes that she can’t remember entire portions of the previous months only that she is the last surviving member of her family. Just as Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other, unimaginably horrific plans that mean her last exorcism was just the beginning.” read more

Godzilla Final Wars 12-Inch Action Figure coming in July

Godzilla invades your collection! This Godzilla Final Wars 12-Inch Action Figure is a must-have for Godzilla fans. Features some awesome articulation and measures 12-inches tall!

Arriving in stores July 2013.


Haunted Horror #3 preview

IDW Publishing has provided us a synopsis of the new Haunted Horror comic.

From musty graves the passionate editors and dedicated collectors of the highly acclaimed Haunted Horror comic dig up more spine-tingling, rare stories from the moldy contraband of 1950s — the horror comics crushed by government investigations. The coolest stories and art, lovingly restored and beautifully printed, are now yours for a minute fraction of what the originals comic books would cost — if you could find them! read more

Hack/Slash #24 preview

Image Comics has provided us a synopsis of the new Hack/Slash comic.

"FINAL," Part Five: Samhain pits the girls against each other in the oltimate battle to see who is the TRUE "Final Girl." Betrayals and beheadings galore as the penultimate chapter of "Final" arrives!

32 pages
February 27

Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Elena Casagrande
Covers by Tim Seeley, Nate Lovett and Francesco Gaston

Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #4 preview

Image Comics has provided us a synopsis of the new Witch Doctor: Mal Practice comic.

When you have a magical disease, you go to the Witch Doctor. But where do you take the Witch Doctor when he's the one who needs help? And how far will Doc Morrow's assistant go… to save his boss' life?

32 pages
February 27

Written by Brandon Seifert
Art by Lukas Ketner

Courtney Crumrin #10 preview

Oni Press has provided us a synopsis of the new Courtney Crumrin comic.

Is it the end for Courtney? Courtney is now powerless to stop the council in their quest for ultimate power. She is also powerless to stop her classmates from bullying her, and powerless to awaken Uncle Aloysius from his coma. Of course, that's never stopped her before…

32 pages
February 27

Written and art by Ted Naifeh

Horror Anthology EEEK! Released On All Digital Platforms

Frank Forte announces that Asylum Press will be releasing Jason Paulos’ EEEK! As a digital horror anthology on all digital platforms.

This retro-style anthology of all-new horror tales is guaranteed to give you the eeries and the creepies! Taking a pinch of black humour from EC comics and mixing it with the art stylings of House of Mystery and Warren comics, EEEK! blends a heady broth that hits you like a burning incense stick to the retina. Jason Paulos delivers the goods with tales of revenge, zombies, vampires, ghouls and monsters. read more

Zombie Plush Key Chain

Who doesn't want a zombie keychain?

Give your keys a safe home or decorate your backpack in style with this Zombie Plush Key Chain! With bloodshot eyes and the remnants of his latest victim still on his face this guy is completely zombified, and, apparently, cares little for grooming. Whether you use him for decoration or have more practical designs you're going to love the awesome look of this zombie plush key chain!

Coming in February 2013.


New Journey to Hell Trailer

Journey to Hell, a post-apocalyptic TPS with incredible 3D graphics and gripping content has released a new trailer.

Playing as Gabriel and Rachel, two members of the secret organization Holy Shield, you’ll behead, dismember and disembowel daemons as varied as they are terrifying! When the carnage is over, they’ll surely beat a hasty return to the festering darkness from whence they came.