Lenore 7-Inch Vinyl Figure

The cute little dead girl has risen from the grave! Celebrating her 20th anniversary, Lenore was created by artist Roman Dirge back in 1992, and has gone on to star in a long-running comic book and even an animated series! Celebrate 20 years with this plastic statue of the ghoulish urchin. The Lenore vinyl figure stands 7-inches tall and comes in a window box.

Check out the Lenore 7-Inch Vinyl Figure.

Hack/Slash #15 preview

The conclusion to the status quo changing arc. Giant Gorilla vs. Dinosaurs! Slasher vs. Slasher! Cassie vs. Slasher! 

Check out the Hack/Slash #15 preview.

Avengelyne #8 preview

The War Dogs are hot on the trail of Priest, as Avengelyne tries to convince the troubled vigilante to turn himself in. However, Passover has different plans for Father Michael… namely showing him the true face of death! Plus, an "Extreme Origins" back-up written by MARK POULTON with art by a guest artist!

Check out the Avengelyne #8 preview.