Trailer for John Dies at the End & the Dangers of Piracy

"John Dies at the End," starring Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Fabianne Therese, Jonny Weston, Paul Giamatti, and Daniel Roebuck will be released to theaters starting on January 25th. The film has already hit VOD, and a feature has been released to discuss the dangers of piracy:

"Originally erupting from the devilishly ingenious mind of David Wong, alter ego of’s senior editor Jason Pargin, JOHN DIES AT THE END began as a Web serial that became an Internet phenomenon. In the highly capable hands of legendary cult horror director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep), Pargin’s wildly trippy vision is forged into big-screen eye candy. The end result will take you to places in your subconscious that you shouldn’t be allowed to visit.” 

Check out the new  Trailer for John Dies at the End & the Dangers of Piracy.

2012 Horror Comic Awards – Results

And The Winner is….. Horror Comics! This year's Horror Comic Awards was the biggest yet, with a record number of fans voting. With such amazing work coming out this year, it was difficult for the Staff to pick the nominees, who all had phenomenal years. Some races were really close, especially 'Writer of the Year'. Robert Kirkman barely scraped by Joe Hill and Steve Niles. We look forward to another gloomy, gut wrenching and fantastic year of horror comics in 2013! 

Check out the 2012 Horror Comic Awards – Results.

Ten Most Notable Moments for Horror Comics in 2012

It’s been a busy, and moreover game-changing, year in comics. Without further ado, here is my list of the most notable moments for horror comics in 2012. Read the article by Staff Member, Stephanie Shamblin Gray below.

Check out the Ten Most Notable Moments for Horror Comics in 2012.

Colder #3 preview

When the only means of escape is to delve into a world of chaos and monsters . . . you just might lose your mind.

Check out the Colder #3 preview.

Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #5 preview

After the destruction of Ape City, Doctor Zaius, his family, Cornelius and Marcus are faced with the difficult and often treacherous task of rebuilding…but what terror lies beneath the ruins? Find out what the Ape City cataclysm has awoken.

Check out the Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #5 preview.

I, Vampire #15 preview

Mary and company continue to piece together the secret of what turned Andrew evil — and the answer lies with Cain, the first vampire! More secrets continue to flow from the events of issue #0. 

Check out the I, Vampire #15 preview.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow – Wonderland #3 preview

Willow has found someone she’s been missing since Earth was cut off from other realms. But her ultimate quest to restore Earth’s magic is flailing . . . Her search is pulling her one way, her companion another, and a newly encountered society of witches has a completely different idea for the future of Willow. 

Check out the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow – Wonderland #3 preview.

Anti #3 preview

 Zachary and Jordan's search for answers has pointed them in the direction of the mysterious reverend Charles Emmanuel. Their hunt leads them to a demon stronghold, where they are attacked like never before. Emotions run high and secrets are revealed in this action-packed issue! 

Check out the Anti #3 preview.

The Sadist Premiere on January 3

by: Larry Dwyer

I’m not sure what’s more awesome..the fact that the movie “The Sadist” was shot right here in Connecticut (Waterbury, Middlebury and Naugatuck to be exact) OR that it stars one one of my biggest heroes, Tom Savini.

From what I gather from the trailer (link below), the special effects legend plays a deranged war veteran who is stalking some guys who are in the woods on their annual hunting trip. I have a feeling that they might have picked the wrong time and the wrong woods for that hunting trip. read more

Just Over One Day Left to vote in the 2012 Horror Comic Awards

Just over one day left to vote in the 2012 Horror Comic Awards. Our horror comic experts selected the best that 2012 had to offer and put them in one place for you, the fans!

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