The Collapsed interview with Justin McConnell

Collapsed horror movie

In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive. Taking to the forest, they soon discover the other survivors may be the least of their worries.

We caught up with writer/director, Justin McConnell, to talk about The Collapsed.

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Hammer Horror Director Don Sharp Passes at 89

Director Don Sharp, who helped revive Hammer Horror in the 1960’s., passed away on December 18th at age 89. Sharp directed “Kiss of The Vampire,” as well as Christopher Lee in six movies, including “Rasputin the Mad Monk.” A tribute on the Hammer site by Marcus Hearn reads: “Don Sharp had never seen a horror film before producer Anthony Hinds screened a selection for him at Hammer House in 1962. Despite Sharp’s lack of experience in the genre, Hinds saw potential in the Australian director and his faith was rewarded in three Hammer productions over the next few years: The Kiss Of The Vampire, The Devil-Ship Pirates and Rasputin The Mad Monk.”

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LEGO DC Universe 4527 LEGO The Joker

Joker Lego toy

Build your favorite super heroes! LEGO Joker is a fun Ultrabuild figure from the DC Universe Super Heroes Line. This large figure is jointed and ready for battle with Batman! Build The Joker with customizable and fully poseable elements to spread mischief and cause mayhem in Gotham City with his powered-up blaster weapon!

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Black Fire preview

Two soldiers in Napoleon’s army retreating from his disastrous campaigns in Russia are separated from their unit by a Cossack attack and stumble across an isolated Slavic town, where strange and bizarre doings are afoot. The ancient town is deep, forbidden territory, the prison of a dark monster-god out of Slavic legend and nightmare, which seeks to use the newcomers to escape. An historical horror story in the vein of HP Lovecraft and Brotherhood of the Wolf.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #5 preview

Buffy’s dreams have become all too real lately as she deals with a magicless world. She’s still fighting creatures of the night, as Willow and Xander grow distant and nightmares plague the Slayer. But something is telling Buffy that there is more to her dreams than meets the eye . . . and that her greatest fears may yet become reality!

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30 Days of Night #3 preview

Our curious heroine is granted her greatest wish, but will it also be her last? Features an all-new cast of characters being introduced to the world of 30 Days of Night for the first time!

Check out the 30 Days of Night #3 preview.

Monocyte #2 preview

Monocyte begins his death march towards the Olignostic city, fending off relentless attacks on his journey to destroy their immortality machinery. Meanwhile, a powerless Olignostic seizes on Monocyte’s appearance to acquire power. Side stories by Ben Templesmith and newcomers Alan Hubbard and Chris Newman.

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The Devils Carnival Teaser Trailer

Devils Carnival Horror Movie

Darren Lynn Bousman’s “The Devil’s Carnival” Trailer was just released. Besides 2012’s “Mother’s Day” and “The Barrens,” Bousman begins production on this one soon.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Mini Bobble Head Set

Nightmare before Christmas horror figures

This case contains 12 individually packaged mini bobble heads. Assortment breakdown not available at this time. Jack Skellington means well… but don’t make him angry! The Nightmare Before Christmas continues to inspire the imagination over ten years after its original release. Now you can pay your respects to Tim Burton’s beloved characters Jack and Sally, in particular, with this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Mini Bobble Head Set.

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Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1

Shadow of a Soul horror game

Vivec Entertainment announce the release of their first game, Shadow of a Soul: Chapter I – a first person-survival horror game that immerses the player in a story rich in riddles, enigmas and terrifying horrors. In the first trailer, The Room, we are witnesses to the confusion and horror faced by a man as he records his final moments on tape.

“Shadow of a Soul: Chapter I” is the first in a planned trilogy. In the vein of traditional adventure games, players will need to solve puzzles, search for clues, and uncover the mysteries while hiding from various manifestations of ghosts.

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