Bride of Frankenstein Bride And Monster Model Kit

Bride of Frankenstein model kit

This Bride of Frankenstein 2, 2-figure set shows off a classic pose from the film of both Bride and Monster. The model kit measures 1:18 scale, sculpted by fan-favorite Jeff Yagher.

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The Mummy Online Closed Beta

Mummy horror game

Bigpoint ( – a worldwide leader in online games recently announced that The Mummy Online ( has begun accepting registrations for its closed beta period. Developed in collaboration with Universal Partnerships & Licensing, The Mummy Online is a breakthrough, action-adventure RPG that delivers high-end gameplay through an engaging story inspired by the massively successful film franchise.

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Shinku #3 preview

The key to destroying the vampire plague is almost within Shinku’s grasp. But can she keep her new ally, Davis, alive long enough to actually use it?

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Avengelyne #5 preview

Avengelyne and Passover question the Four Horsemen about their reappearance on Earth, as Heaven Starr nurses a recuperating Father Peter back to health after a recent attack. Meanwhile, Operation Hellstrike sends their latest recruit, Special Agent Devlin, to investigate the recent paranormal activity in New York City, which puts him right in the path of Priest. Plus, an ‘Extreme Origins’ back-up story!

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Frankenstein vs The Witchfinder news

Frankenstein vs Witchfinder Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is spent the long Thanksgiving weekend filming his movie within a movie, Frankenstein vs The Witchfinder.

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Samurai Predator figure

Samurai Predator figure

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the first entry in Hot Toys’ Artist Collection, the Samurai Predator Collectible figure. A collaboration project with artists Mr. Takayuki Takeya and Mr. Yuji Oniki from Japan, the Samurai Predator features a newly sculpted head and body, detailed accessories, weaponry, and a diorama base with a defeated Alien body.

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Last Day on Earth game news

Last Day on Earth horror game

Larva Game Studios is proud to announce the development of their first self-published title, Last Day on Earth. Based on an original IP, Last Day on Earth is a cooperative third-person shooter slated for console and PC release in late 2012. In order to better facilitate the development of LDOE, along with other current and future projects, Larva is taking steps to expand globally.

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Cthulhu Christmas Calendar for iPhone and Android

Cthulhu calendar

Fans of the meme-monster Cthulhu and other creations of cult horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft can get a little extra help in counting down to Christmas, thanks to a new mobile advent calendar app. Titled ‘Cthulhu Christmas Calendar’, it features 25 original pieces of artwork – one for each day in December until Christmas Day. Each image presents a fun mashup of festive icons like Santa into the Cyclopean world of the great Cthulhu, the malevolent Mi-Go and the dark god Nyarlathotep. Indie developer Red Wasp Design today released the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. As well as featuring a new and original creation of art for each day, it also features quiz questions related to the images. Fans will find out their ‘Mythos rating’ on the 25th when their scores are revealed along with the final festivehorror image. The app is available now from the App Store for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It is also available for Android from the Android Market.

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Nazi Zombies comic

Achtung, citizens! The 1000-year reign of terror has begun! Following the terror-filled tenets of Mein Korpse, the Master Race and their decayed dictator have risen from the grave, and they have you dead to reichs! Ghoulish goose-steppers are marching your way, so get those potato-mashers and flamethrowers ready before it’s too late!

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Blokes Tomb Of Horror 2011 Annual review

11 Tales Of Terror written by Jason ‘Bloke’ Crawley to keep you entertained this Halloween and beyond! 130 pages of terrorific horror guaranteed to leave you craving more. Available with two cover options for you to choose from and a slew of artistic talent from all across the globe that will leave you drooling with delight!

Hot on the heels of the award-winning 2010 Annual this years collection of stories once again features a worldwide collaboration of artists including Mike Hoffman who has illustrated one of the stories and Mark Kidwell who drew the Cover B Werewolf option.

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