Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone DLC

Zombie Apocalypse horror game

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced downloadable content for its Xbox LIVE®Arcade action title, Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone, while also confirming the European launch date for the PlayStation®3 version.

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Apeman Glo Head Model Kit

Ape Man model kit

This Apeman glo head model kit is spooky fun for all! Model kit is a skill level 1 and is for ages 8 and up. Model is snap assembly, no glue or paint required. Measures about 6-inches tall and is molded in glow in the dark. Can be built to paint or leave them as is for glow in the dark fun.

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Deep Silver Christmas Special for Dead Island

Deep Silver today announced a special Christmas surprise for all fans of Dead Island. On December 1st, 2011, a special Dead Island themed Christmas calendar will open its doors. Each day a new surprise will await the visitor – through a series of contests participants can explore the world of Dead Island, putting their knowledge of both the game and international zombie lore in general to the test.

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Killing Floor free weekend

Killing Floor horror game

With the Christmas holiday closing in, Tripwire Interactive are offering Killing Floor free to play to everyone for a long weekend, starting on Thursday 8 December 2011 and running through to Sunday 11 December. This will give everyone who has not yet played the game a chance to try it out completely free!

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Resident Evil: Revelations European launch date

Resident Evil: Revelations game

Prepare for a survival horror experience when Resident Evil™: Revelations launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS ™ system across Europe on 27th January 2012. Developed by Capcom® specifically to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS features, Resident Evil: Revelations will be available to players across Europe as a stand alone game and as a special limited edition bundle* which also includes the new Circle Pad Pro accessory. Get ready for Resident Evil: Revelations to deliver a true return to classic Resident Evil™ survival horror gameplay.

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Green Wake #7 preview

Morley is haunted by ghosts of his past that force him to face his fears about Green Wake. Violent unrest seizes the citizens of the once sleepy town and Morley is forced to choose a place to stand in the deepening social divide.

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The Darkness #95 preview

The Darkness declares all-out war against its most rebellious bearer, Jackie Estacado! With a small group of loyal allies, Jackie must face down an army of doppelgangers, a scorned woman from his past, and the very source of his own power.

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Nancy in Hell: On Earth #1 preview

The unlikely couple of Nancy and Lucifer are back! After escaping from Hell, the chainsaw-wielding hottie finds that the Gates of Hade remained open, and all kind of demons are pouring out on Earth. Our world is the newest infernal region, and nobody will help the humans… not even the angels from Heaven!

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Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak interview with Keith Murphey

Where will you be when the Zombie apocalypse begins? That’s the kind of question each creator had to ask themselves in GWP’s first zombie inspired anthology! Call them what you will but we found some true zombie lovers for this installment of Worst Case which includes eight chilling tales of characters struggling to stay alive and avoid being zombie food. The only problem is that these pesky zombies are always hungry and in unlimited quantities!

We spoke with creator and publisher, Keith Murphey about Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak.

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Slasher Film Rabies Set for February Release

On February 28, Image Entertainment introduces Israel’s slasher film debut, Rabies. A festival favorite, garnering rave reviews at the Tribeca 2011 Film Festival and the Fantasia 2011 Film Fest, Rabies features a cast that devotees of Israeli cinema will surely recognize, including Lior Ashenazi (winner, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – Footnote), Ania Bukstein (nominee, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – The Secrets) and Ran Danker (nominee, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – Eyes Wide Open). Rabies surprises and shocks with its unexpected combination of horror and humor, of paranoia and panic. When a psychotic serial killer is on the loose, his path of rampage crosses paths with Ofer and Tali, a brother and sister combo who have run away from home. But when Tali becomes ensnared in the killer’s trap, it is up to Ofer to find help. Left alone, Tali soon becomes mixed up with an unlikely group of characters, ranging from a set of tennis players to a squad of policemen. All the while, they continue to be stalked by the murderer – and when this assassin’s identity is finally revealed, it turns out to be the biggest shock of all!

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