Alien Breed 3 Descent on Playstation Network today

Alien Breed 3 Descent

In 2010, the Alien Breed™ series was born on the PlayStation®3 via the PlayStation®Network, delivering thrilling encounters in deepest space. Following the plight of Theodore Conrad, Chief Engineer of the spacecraft Leopold, Alien Breed™ Impact and Alien Breed™ 2: Assault’s high-energy firefights and survival horror proved very popular indeed amongst PlayStation 3 shooter fans. With today’s release of Alien Breed™ 3: Descent, this trilogy is brought to a close in cinematic style! New set pieces, weapons, enemies, both co-operative missions and “Survivor” mode levels and Trophy awards await the player on their final journey into the depths of the alien vessel. Lying in wait is a foe even Conrad himself could not have imagined…

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Dead Island trailer an internet hit

Dead Island trailer

Deep Silver was proud to reveal Dead Island, the new game by renowned developer Techland, last week. Since the reveal the emotional yet shocking Dead Island trailer – showing a family holiday getting interrupted by a violent and mysterious zombie outbreak – has created an incredible amount of buzz all through the internet.

The trailer for Dead Island has been one of the most talked about promotional assets on the internet in the last days and has been hailed a “Must See” and “one of the best game trailers of the year” throughout.

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Breed III comic

“Book of Revelation,” part one. After being attacked by some of his fellow ‘Breed, Ray Stoner realises he can no longer hide from what he is: a monster. He returns to the mystical city Elsewhere and discovers much has changed. The struggle he is unwillingly part of has become extremely more dangerous and the stakes astronomically higher.

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Drums comic

“Let the Bata Speak.” In our world there exists an ancient religion with many names and many disguises: Candomble, Palo Mayombe, Santeria… Voodoo. FBI agent Martin Irons is sent to investigate the sudden deaths of an entire gathering of followers at a ceremony, an assignment horrible enough before one of the mangled corpses rises and leads him on a sinister path. A new horror story with possessions, santeros, zombies… all set to the thunderous boom of drums!

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Turf #4 preview

New York in February is never great, but back in 1929 it was unbearable. The weather sucked, of course, and prohibition meant it was hard to get a stiff drink in a hurry. But the Dragonmirs, a vampire clan from Romania really made life tough. Once they finished wiping out New York’s gangs, they turned their attention to the Police. Their plan: to take over the city, keep humans like livestock and wake up the oldest vampire in existence to seal the deal. Mankind’s feeble hopes lie with a young female newspaper reporter, a weak and dying member of the Dragonmir family, and a one-eared, one-eyed former gang boss named Eddie Falco, who hopes to persuade Samuel Kane and his gang of Harlem racketeers to join them. Oh, add in a giant alien with unbelievable weapons called Squeed. Sounds about even, then..

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Feeding Ground #4 preview

Feeding Ground launches an entirely new werewolf mythology, set on the Mexico-Arizona border! All forces collide in a battle that forever changes the Busqueda clan. The family is divided over their daughter’s uncertain future as Border Patrol agents and a ruthless pack converge on The Devil’s Highway. One of the Busquedas will not survive. Pitting real-world border politics against a boldly re-imagined werewolf mythology, Feeding Ground questions the very nature of survival. Included on the flip side is the issue in Spanish at no extra cost!

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Dead Space 2: Severed – DLC pack

Dead Space 2 game

Have you finished the new gold standard in action horror games known as Dead Space 2? Are you already screaming for more? If so, you’re not alone. Visceral Games has the answer with an all-new digital download pack — Dead Space 2: Severed. Releasing on March 1, Dead Space 2: Severed extends the Dead Space 2 story with the addition of two stand-alone single-player chapters. This digital pack will take players through the haunting story of Gabe Weller, who fans will remember from the award-winning game Dead Space Extraction. As a security officer, Weller comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind security suit and an upgraded, more powerful Pulse Rifle that will help him unleash his own blood-curdling adventure across the Sprawl. Lurking behind every corner is another bloodthirsty monster but the big surprise for Weller (and fans) is the return of the Twitcher, a grotesque enemy who first appeared in the original Dead Space game.

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Christmas With the Dead movie news

Brad Maule and Kasey Lansdale have joined the cast of upcoming Joe R. Lansdale zombie movie Christmas With the Dead, the film adaptation of the author’s holiday tale. The movie is described as: Calvin, who after years of dealing with loneliness, the grief of losing his family, and zombies…decides it’s Christmas Eve.

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Spike #5 preview

When the going gets tough, the tough call in a witch.

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Star Trek: Infestation #2 preview

The second chapter of a bi-weekly Infestation tie-in! Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy fight for their lives against mobs of zombie colonists! Will they be able to prevent the Infestation from spreading throughout the Federation? And will they discover the greater threat behind the undead invasion in time to save themselves?

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