Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #4 preview

A dangerous conspiracy threatens the wolf pack and Mercy Thompson is on the run. Lives have been lost, hostages taken, and our coyote shapeshifter is caught in the crossfire. Now, surrounded by old friends and new enemies, seeking safety in the town that shunned her, face-to-face with her foster father and her former lover…can Mercy unravel the mystery in time to save her friends? Or even herself?

Check out the Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #4 preview.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Gods #2 preview

Monsters overrunning the American southwest, a volcano in Houston burning in the night, and a group of outcasts with a prophetic leader; prove to be great threats to a struggling bureau.

Check out the B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Gods #2 preview.

Feeding Ground 1 & 2 review

This new series is ripped right out of the real-life drama unfolding on the Mexico-Arizona border! FEEDING GROUND reaches a large and diverse audience no matter your personal point of view on the issue. In this factious story, a famine caused by Blackwell Industries drives Diego Busqueda, a noble “coyote,” to lead a band of Mexican border crossers across the unforgiving Devil’s Highway, a desert cursed with blistering days and deadly nights. Back home, Diego’s daughter Flaca discovers that something hungrier prowls the factory fields. Stalked and persecuted, can the Busqueda family maintain their dreams of immigration or will the horrors of the desert tear them apart?

Check out the Feeding Ground 1 & 2 review.