Bela Lugosi Tales from the Grave #1 review

Bela Lugosi's Tales from teh Grave

BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE is a full-color comics anthology in the classic EC and Warren tradition that presents weird and fantastic tales. In a special arrangement with Bela G. Lugosi, Bela’s son, the DRACULA actor will act as host and commentator for each terror tale. The standard cover for issue #1 features a Lugosi portrait by legendary monster painter Basil Gogos.

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28 Days Later #16 preview

Selena and her crew must make it to London, but before they do they face some hard choices. A city is in peril. Man may prove worse than the Infected. But can Selena even help while her destination beckons?

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IZombie #7 preview

In part 1 of ‘Vampires Suck,’ Gwen dines on the grey matter of a person who knew her as a child — and things quickly get complicated. Meanwhile, ghost-girl Ellie learns a few tricks from Amon the mummy, Spot the were-terrier goes to the comic shop and meets someone from Gwen’s past, the mad scientist Galatea engages in a bit of grave-robbing, and the monster-hunters tackle the town’s vampire problem once and for all.

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