The Demonologists movie news

Demonologists movie

Dennis Iliadis, who remade Craven’s seminal 1972 film, “The Last House on the Left,” last year, is negotiating to direct a new film called “The Demonologists,” say several sources familiar with the project. The film is written by Teddy Tenenbaum, a screenwriter who also has numerous credits on the Jennifer Love Hewitt series “Ghost Whisperer.”

“Demonologists,” from “Sherlock Holmes” producer Silver Pictures, concerns a family of veteran ghost hunters who get more than they bargained for when they are called in to face what they soon realize is not a routine ghost job but a demon infestation. The film shares some thematic similarities with “House,” which looked at what happens when a decent family is driven to violent acts.

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Zombie Flick Halloween update

Zombie Flick

Full Fat Games has released a Halloween update for Zombie Flick. The update offers players the opportunity to upgrade their arsenal of everyday objects with over fifty new items including boomerangs, frying pans and cowbells, as well as a fancy Trick or Treat costume for the hero!

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Universal Monsters virtual world MMOG

Universal Monsters game

SEE Virtual Worlds, an entertainment company publishing a virtual reality universe of connected planets tied to licensed franchises, today announced a collaborative deal with Universal Partnerships & Licensing to publish a virtual world based on the classic Universal Monsters. The massively multiplayer online game will allow players to emulate the infamous monster hunter Van Helsing as they track down the monsters in celebrated scenes based on the series of horror films distributed by Universal Pictures.

Slated to launch in late 2011, the new world will combine the classic survival horror genre with the interactive elements of a true virtual world. As monster hunters, players will experience the legacy of the battle between Van Helsing and a variety of the original Universal Monsters including Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula, The Wolf Man and more. Gamers will also have the chance to travel to different lands based on the licensed characters including the Vatican, Dracula’s Castle and The Lagoon, to compete in various missions and battles against each nemesis.

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NeverDead game news and screenshots

Never Dead

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed further details of its macabre action title, NeverDead, which will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The publisher has detailed the two protagonists at the heart of the game, which takes the form of an all-action 3D title set within a series of beautifully-realised stages. At the heart of the game is Bryce Boltzman, a renowned and immortal demon fighter. 500 years ago, Bryce failed to defeat a Demon King, where he lost all hope and passion for life. Since then, Bryce has lead a solitary life – until the formation of the NCDA.

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Ghostbusters Retro-Action Winston Zeddemore Figure

Winston Zeddemore Ghostbusters toy

From the classic 1984 blockbuster, Ghostbusters comes this 8-inch tall Winston Zeddemore plastic figure with cloth uniform in MEGO-style retro packaging.

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Namor: The First Mutant #3 preview

Continuing ‘Royal Blood,’ the epic storyline that propels Marvel’s Avenging Son into a new world of horror! Namor takes the Curse of the Mutants deep undersea as he leads a fierce assault on the underwater vampires’ eerie stronghold, far below the ocean floor. But as the First Mutant fights for his life, a dark secret from the past threatens Atlantis!

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Marvel Zombies Supreme comic

Responding to a mysterious emergency call, Jill Harper and her super-crisis special-ops unit descend deep into the bowels of a top secret underground research facility. They discover that the demented experiments of an unhinged geneticist have placed them at ground zero of a brand new virulent zombie strain – one that has infected powerful superheroes. The Squadron Supreme, once heroic defenders of justice and utopian ideals, have been reduced to corpulent cannibalistic murderers with a voracious appetite for human flesh. Harper and her team fight against overwhelming odds to stop this ravenous zombie menace where it began – before it spreads out to devour the earth.

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Halloween Man turns 10 – Drew Edwards Interview

Halloween Man

Just a few days before Halloween, Decapitated Dan has managed to wrangle up another creator, this time Drew Edwards, to talk about Halloween Man’stenth anniversary!

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The Mount Rushmore of Horror

Horror Mount Rushmore

Staff member, Melissa Frolich, submitted her latest article “The Mount Rushmore of Horror”.

Horror villains and icons have always been a part of our lives and our culture in general. These icons tend to pop up in nearly every decade since the beginning of man including the early urban legends of werewolves and monsters. If man were to erect a monument for Horror icons much like Mount Rushmore, who would we see on that monument?

We looked into the past fifty years of horror and erected a monument for each decade.

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Super 8 release date

Super 8

Paramount Pictures has set a June 10, 2011 release date for J.J. Abrams’ secretive summer spectacle Super 8, starring Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, Gabriel Basso and AJ Michalka.

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